The ‘Solo’ trailer is way cooler when you add the Beastie Boys


If you were one of the Star Wars fans underwhelmed by the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story movie trailer, get ready to have your mind changed.

It turns out all it took to take the trailer from meh to magic was the addition of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. The folks over at the War Starts at Midnight Podcast treated us to the revised version on YouTube.

While movies shouldn’t rely on their soundtracks to carry them, lots have benefited from some well-placed hits. (Remember Guardians of the Galaxy?) Solo has been notorious for behind-the-scenes problems, causing fans to worry what the end result might look like. If it needs some extra oomph to make a crowd-pleaser, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some edgy classics pop up in the background.

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Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber is the former editor of Daily Dot’s Parsec section, where she wrote about geek culture. She previously worked as a reporter and editor at community newspapers in the Midwest and was recognized by the Ohio Associated Press for news reporting.