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Watchmen prequels and sequels stir controversy
Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen, is not writing either the prequels or sequels to Watchmen—and some fans are angry about that.
Reddit Digest: January 25, 2012
An atheist Ron Paul supporter, the Reddit SuperPAC, and every pet peeve imaginable—all in today's Reddit Digest. 
Gaming commentator whiteboy7thst hits 1 million subscribers
Once he was lost. Now he's a YouTube star; whiteboy7thst hit the 1 million mark.
Pinterest for your interests: Geeks
There is plenty to geek out over at Pinterest—from gadgets to beautiful objects.
Moses went to Japan in a spaceship
Internet lore has it that Moses (white beard, loved the Ten Commandments) really fled to Japan in a spaceship after he was done with the Israelites.
WorldCosplay opens a hot and global social network for costumed community
While still in beta, WorldCosplay already comes in 12 different languanges and boasts 8,500 members. 
Creating a game a week for one year: Can this redditor do it?
Munir Hussin wants to develop an entire game every week this year. Can he do it? His fellow redditors not only have faith in him; they're helping him out.
YouTube goes to school
YouTube is trying to cater to schools.
Reddit Digest: December 8, 2011
Redditors gained a first-hand insight into the Virgina Tech shooting, rats, and the Android community from the social news site.  
Ragetoons are the rage on Pinterest
Reddit does not have the monopoly on ragetoons. In fact, they're all over Pinterest.
Crowdsourced Twitter comic
Twitter users ask for specific comics to be drawn and voilà—they get results.
Baby—you’re geek chic
These baby rooms are decked out for the geekiest of the super-youth set. 
YouTube’s space challenge
Scientific American, NASA, Lenovo, and others aim to spur scientific thinking with a space contest.
Slip the surly bonds of Earth with NASA feeds
You may not be able to soar into outer space, but if you follow NASA's social media feeds, you might get a whole lot closer.
Sharebros just want to share
The imminent end of Google Reader's sharing option has brought sharebros into the spotlight.
Science for the masses
Reddit holds a good old fashioned science fair. Except that it is, of course, online.
Duking it out over digital DC Comics rights
When DC Comics gave all the digital rights to Amazon, Barnes & Noble didn't take it laying down.
Bros before Frodos
This Tumblr artist has amassed a huge following with her Tumblr, Gingerhaze.