Despite legal threats and drama, the Area 51 desert event is on
The 'raid' was a bust, but the 3-day festival is happening—with or without little green men.

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Creators fear censorship after Steam pulls controversial adult game
Developers say Steam's adult content policies aren't consistent.
Sans memes celebrate beloved character’s addition to Smash Bros.
You'll be able to purchase his costume within the game.
20 vintage Super Nintendo titles are about to join Switch Online
SNES faves like 'Super Mario Kart' are streaming on-demand.
Fortnite season 11 is just around the corner
Everything you need to know about the next season of Fortnite, time-travel shenanigans included.
How to watch the ‘Star Wars’ films in chronological order
From 'A New Hope' to 'The Last Jedi.'
How to play Banjo and Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
N64 favorites Banjo and Kazooie are back and fiestier than ever in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Adult Swim accused of sharing transphobic comic (updated)
Some argued the comic's message could have a different meaning.
Hulu adapting Margaret Atwood’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ follow-up ‘The Testaments’
The book isn't even out yet, but Hulu has plans for it.
Boogie2988, who compared trolls to Nazis and rapists, is logging off
'Taking time off to work on some sh*t.'
‘I will finally explore my true identity’: SonicFox comes out as nonbinary
SonicFox's fans responded with supportive fanfare.
‘Freaks’ directors on making one of the most exciting sci-fi films of 2019
The filmmakers open up about casting Emile Hirsch following his assault conviction and their heralded project's Trump parallels.
Spider boys and gay armadillos: The best adult Twine games
Play them all from the comfort of your browser.
This Steven Universe porn parody game is a hidden gem
The game stars Pearl and Amethyst.
People rip school for banning Harry Potter, not guns
Officials are concerned about students ‘conjuring evil spirits.’
Netflix releases feature-length ‘Dark Crystal’ documentary
It's 83 minutes of the intricacies of bringing Thra to life.
‘The Minecraft Bee is trans’ meme is here to stay
A tweet launched a meme about the Minecraft bee, and there's no turning back now.