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Sword and Shield leaks may have revealed new Pokémon, evolutions
The models and backgrounds have many fans believing the leaks are legit.
Yes, we all know that November 2019 is ‘Blade Runner’ month
Everyone on the entire internet is now posting the same 'Blade Runner' screencap.
Emilia Clarke reveals the true culprit behind that ‘Game of Thrones’ coffee cup
She found out what (probably) happened at a pre-Emmys party.
The creatures of ‘Star Wars,’ from cute and cuddly to deadly
Cute, useful, and deadly, 'Star Wars' has more unique creatures than we can count.
‘See’ is visually stunning but hollow
Jason Momoa stars as the leader of a community in a future where almost everyone is blind.
Review: You have never played anything like Death Stranding
Death Stranding, the newest game from Hideo Kojima, won't be for everyone.
Here are the best upcoming video games to look out for in November 2019
October was a big month for games. But, not to be outdone, November has its own exciting slate of upcoming video games. Here are the top five that will hit shelves throughout the month.
Is ghost sex real? Try out ghost porn first
Several celebrities claim they've hooked up with ghosts.
George R.R. Martin reveals his role in the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel series ‘House of the Dragon’
He said that working with co-creator Ryan Condal 'has been a dream.'
‘Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary’ peels back the layers behind a cult classic
Nearly the entire cast and crew came together to reveal how the film got made.
Why you should watch ‘Wes Craven’s New Nightmare’ this Halloween
It's the 'Galaxy Quest' of slasher movies, a self-aware sequel that brought Freddy Krueger into the real world.
HBO orders ‘Game of Thrones’ Targaryen prequel straight-to-series
Ryan Condal and Emmy award-winning director Miguel Sapochnik will serve as showrunners.
Untitled Goose Game vulnerability could have let hackers booby-trap your game
It seems fitting for a game centered around goose-inspired chaos and mayhem.
HBO cancels first ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel (updated)
The series starred Naomi Watts in a leading role.
Major Pokémon Go character confirmed to be nonbinary
Blanche uses the pronouns 'they' and 'them.'
The latest ‘Mandalorian’ trailer expands the bounty hunter’s world
'Bounty hunting is a complicated business.'
HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ is a stylish but overly simplified adaptation
It's much better than the 'Golden Compass' movie, but we still had mixed feelings.