Nicolas Cage looks great playing the entire cast of ‘Game of Thrones’

The wars in Westeros will rage on until someone emerges victorious (or until the White Walkers kill everyone), but in Game of Thrones, there’s only one god that matters—and not the one you think.

As redditor CarlosDanger100’s Photoshops prove, Nicolas Cage works well as all the main characters in HBO’s fantasy drama. The result is a bizarro version of Arya Stark’s final encounter in the mask room of the House of Black and White: instead of revealing new faces, it turns out it was Cage all along in 30 different instances.

What a vast improvement it makes to an already excellent cast—though it’s not the first time that Cage has been added to the show.

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While all the images are impressive, we have to single out Bran, Stannis, Tywin, and Tyrion. Cage’s face is blended in well enough to convince some people that he could have played those characters.

With casting coming up for season 6, there are some new openings on the show. You know what to do, HBO.

Redditors are already asking the creator to Photoshop Steve Buscemi into Westeros next, and he has said that he might do it. That might end up being the only thing to improve this whole invasion.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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