Fortnite ‘Baller’ ride is plunging into the battle royale


Jurassic World would like a word.

Remember that ridiculous sphere ride thing from Jurassic World? While Fortnite has yet to give us a dinosaur theme (anything is possible), it’s definitely taking one step closer with the addition of the appropriately named “Baller.”

The Baller is a sphere-shaped vehicle you’ll be able to drive, and it has a plunger on its face, which leads us to believe that you’ll be able to grapple hook your way around the map. The Baller first appeared on the in-game news feed.

We aren’t exactly seeing an engine on the thing, so it’s unclear if you can just drive it around like a car or shopping cart, but you can bet that the structures players build will provide for some interesting flanking opportunities when the Baller hooks onto them.


The Baller is expected to go live with the next update, which will most likely drop between March 12 and March 14.

The Baller isn’t Fortnite’s first ride. Previously, shopping carts introduced us to some epic moments, while the more recent addition (and removal) of planes spurred people to play Fortnite more like Battlefield.

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Joseph Knoop

Joseph Knoop

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