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‘Disney vs. Pixar’ is March Madness for animated films

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best movie of them all?


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Since Snow White was first released in 1937, Disney has had such a long string of animated hits, it’s become almost synonymous with childhood in America. Every generation has its favorite Disney films and, maybe because the attachment is formed at such an early age, people take them very, very seriously. In 2006, Disney purchased a little company called Pixar, which already had huge hits like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. Since then, Disney has continued to crank out hits in both the more traditional animation style and using Pixar’s state-of-the-art CGI. Certainly, the company has produced some amazing films. Who could really pick between an action-packed movie like The Incredibles and a heart-warming story like Lilo and Stitch?

The answer is just about everyone on Twitter. Someone posted a “Disney vs. Pixar” bracket to coincide with “March Madness” and, to say the least, people had opinions.


Be careful about filling out this bracket “incorrectly.” People are prepared to fight about their favorite Disney films.




Not only did people object to the way their peers were filling out the bracket, but some people felt the seeding was wrong to begin with.

It’s unclear at this point who created the actual bracket that’s being passed around. “Jolley Rancher,” The Twitter user who seems to be getting the most traction out of it, says it wasn’t him.

Disney Parks created its own “March Magic” bracket based on its attractions, although people couldn’t care less about “Monorailers” and whether or not they are better than “Movers.”

Disney March Magic
Disney Parks

If you feel the need to enter the fray, here’s an empty bracket just waiting to be filled out. But beware: if you think A Bugs Life is better than Up, your family might disown you.


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