Despite fans’ best efforts, NBC pulls the plug on ‘Community’

Fans are inconsolable.


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Published May 9, 2014   Updated Mar 2, 2020, 4:54 am CST

The darkest timeline, first referenced in one of Community’s best (and most ambitious) episodes, “Remedial Chaos Theory,” seems like both a bleak and odd place. Pierce died, Jeff lost an arm, Shirley became an alcoholic, Annie went insane, and Troy destroyed his larynx after eating a gnome that was on fire.

But for many fans, the darkest timeline is actually cancellation, a thought echoed by star Joel McHale.

In the midst of renewal season for network television, Community was canceled Friday after airing five seasons. It’s even worse than when Abed found out Cougar Town got pushed back. 

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It falls one season and a movie short of the fandom’s “six seasons and a movie” mantra, a phrase that turned from a throwaway joke in a clip episode to the main rallying cry for everyone from creator Dan Harmon to the newest fans. Even though the show never did particularly well in the ratings, it kept getting renewed.

But now that it’s gone (at least until another network or Hulu or Netflix give it a second life)? It’s total chaos.

Despite initial reports, fans remained hopeful, at least until executive producer Chris McKenna confirmed the sad news.

It’s a show that would’ve never gotten as far as it did without its fans, and despite what happens next, the show’s cast and crew are grateful for the five seasons they did get. And the condolence tweets are pouring in.

Plenty of shows have been canceled in the past few days, but few sparked such a certain fervor from those who watched it as Community. They’re going through the five stages of grief all at once on Twitter, and NBC is the villain. 

Simply put, they’re inconsolable.

People are hoping, in spite of the dark future, that someone else will pick Community up for a sixth season. There’s enough buzz for it right now. The fans want it.

And where would the show’s writers be without its humor?

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*First Published: May 9, 2014, 4:48 pm CDT