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‘I’m in literally the same situation’: Customer thinks there’s something ‘fishy’ with Xfinity after getting $300 bill. Here’s why

'They have us trapped for Internet service and they know it.'


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Posted on Feb 14, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 10:01 am CST

You would think that in an age where bundled services in telecom are going the way of the buggy whip, internet service providers would be bending over backward to provide their customers with incentives to stay put. But according to one customer, you’d be wrong.

Lifestyle and wellness TikToker Jaime Reynolds (@jaimegoesdigital) says she is facing a $300 dent from her Xfinity bill this month, right on the heels of a $280 bill last month. And she says haggling with the company has gone nowhere.

Jaime took to her TikTok account with a video describing her frustrations on Jan. 29. Since then, the video has picked up over 408,700 views and counting.

Reynolds says she currently subscribes to a bundle from Xfinity that includes internet service, cable, and a landline (which she does not use). “I had gotten a bill last month when it was $280, and I called [Xfinity] and was like, ‘Is there anything you can do for me?'” she says.

Unfortunately, Reynolds says the Xfinity worker told her the company was not offering any deals, contracts, or discounts.

“Like, basically, you’re SOL,” she tells her viewers. And things didn’t improve from there. “My next bill came, and it was like $300 this time,” she continues.

Reynolds admits she has kept her Xfinity service due to its sports packages, but after her latest bill, she says she told her husband, “I cannot see paying $200 a month for you to watch football.”

After canceling her other services, she says she was able to get her bill down to a still fairly steep $140 but was offered no incentive or deal from Xfinity to keep receiving service.

“Why do they not have any deals now?” Reynolds asks her viewers. “Something is fishy there. Like, are they being bought out?”

Indeed, according to its website, Xfinity does not currently seem to have any special promotions on TV and internet bundles. Additionally, Reynolds is correct that there is something significant happening with Xfinity. Its parent corporation, Comcast, is facing a massive class action lawsuit in the aftermath of a customer data breach that occurred in October of last year.

Though it is unclear whether the lawsuit is directly related to Xfinity’s lack of deals and reported price increases, Reynold’s situation is hardly isolated. Xfinity faces regular complaints concerning its price rates and hikes that customers say seem to come out of nowhere.

The Daily Dot reported a similar story earlier this month where a customer says her bill leapt from $69.99 to $239.99. We have reached out to Comcast’s Consumer Services for further statement.

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In response to Reynold’s story, CoCo Deva (@cocodeva58) wrote, “SMH I got mine down I was paying $237 a mth then went back n for y lower my bill oh u on a program n they can’t change it well change it now I pay $128 w $30 credit low-income package.”

Another viewer added, “They have us trapped for Internet service and they know it.”

“I’m in literally the same situation. I did the same thing and they would not budge,” another viewer commiserated.

Many viewers suggested Reynolds “cut the cord” herself and switch to using streaming apps.

“I pay 30 with a tv antenna and. Hulu $10. Netflix $17. Peacock I’m canceling soon it’s 5.99,” RipolldeCojimar10 (@alicia10er) wrote.

“Get u a firestick,” another suggested.

“Just cut all mine off I’m now live streaming I love it ours was 250 a month,” a further commented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Reynolds via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 14, 2024, 5:00 pm CST