Worker called immature for giving 2 weeks notice

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‘She’s 64 and I’m 24’: Worker called immature for giving 2 weeks notice

‘That alone should be enough for you to leave and never look back.’


Charlotte Colombo


Now that Gen Z has reached an age where they’re entering the corporate world, knowing your worth and advocating for yourself in the office has come back in style, and this includes the willingness to resign when a job doesn’t “spark joy,” as it were.

But when one TikToker (@potato_munchkin420) decided it was time to resign, she was taken aback by her employer’s response.

In the video, which has now amassed 7.7 million views, the visibly upset creator said, “I’m sorry, I quit. I’m done.”

But while the TikToker was in tears, a voice off-camera could be heard saying, “Well, that’s not very mature,” to which the creator responded, “You’re not very mature.”

When the 24-year-old TikToker revealed in the video description that her boss was 40 years older than her, viewers couldn’t believe her callousness.

“What was that weird gaslight response?” one commenter asked. “That being her first response instead of ‘Let’s sit down and talk about this’ speaks VOLUMES,” another added. “With tears down ur face, that’s what she said back? Baby you did your self a good one!” a third remarked. “They didn’t deserve you.”

As commenters rallied to congratulate the TikToker on quitting, others shared their stories of resigning from similarly-toxic workplaces.

“When I quit my job of 9 years after relentless bullying from upper management, they laughed when I picked up my final check,” one recounted. “I got called immature as well after quitting because my manager refused to find a replacement for me,” another recalled.

Unfortunately, in a follow-up TikTok, the creator revealed she was still having issues with her former workplace, as she shared a text screenshot in which the former employer appeared to threaten to withhold her final paycheck.

“Honey,” she added, “That’s illegal.”

The content creator didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok direct message.

This isn’t the first time an employee has quit on the spot in a TikTok. One Walmart employee recounted how they quit three days into the new job, while another worker admitted that they were planning how to hand in their notice within just four days of starting.

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