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‘I remembered, my boyfriend took my car to work last week’: Woman finds ‘Gen Z’ hair clip in her car. Whose is it?

‘I’m sorry girl, you already know the answer.’


Grace Fowler


After her boyfriend borrowed her car for work, a woman posted a viral video saying she found a “Gen Z” hair clip in the car after she got it back. Viewers think the clip could have been left there on purpose.

TikTok user Sarah (@sarahshooots), who was previously featured in the Daily Dot for a video showing off an $80 Olive Garden haul, received over 8.7 million views and 923,000 likes on her clip video as of Wednesday morning. 

Sarah started her storytime video by explaining how she cleaned her car out the previous day so her friend riding with her could sit comfortably. 

She said when she first found the clip, she asked her friend if it was hers, and her friend said no.

“It must be my sisters,” Sarah added. She said she then sent her sister a photo of the hair clip. Her sister also said she had never seen the clip before.

Next, Sarah posted a picture on her public Snapchat story asking, “Hey, is this anybody’s clip? Nobody ever gets in my car besides my sister and my boyfriend.” 

Then, she remembered that she let her boyfriend drive her car to work the previous week.

 “Was anybody in my car when you had it last week?” she recounted asking her boyfriend. “No, nobody. I just drove to work and drove back,” he reportedly responded. 

“OK, well, this clip appeared in my car, so I’m not sure where it came from,” she said.

She continued, “If you’re one of my friends, and you’re watching this video, and this is your clip, you gotta come forward.”

Sarah told viewers one of the things she can speculate about the clip’s owner is that they are most likely in Gen Z. “I read somewhere that the checker print is the chevron of Gen Z,” she said, holding up the checkered clip to the camera. 

“I will never look at checker prints the same,” she continued. “And I guess we can assume that she has long hair.” 

She then asked the audience to comment other assumptions they could make about the clip’s owner. 

“I feel like sometimes people leave things behind on purpose,” she added, ending her video. 


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Many commenters agree with Sarah’s final statement and think the clip’s owner left it in her car on purpose. 

A comment with over 148,000 likes says, “Those types of items are always left intentionally.” 

Another with 86,000 likes says, “Oooh, she sacrificed it to let you know.” 

Other viewers think Sarah should do a little more digging before jumping to conclusions. A comment with over 129,000 likes suggests, “Check his social media and see if any of his ‘friends’ are wearing it.” 

“You are too calm,” another user commented. 

Due to the virality of her original video, Sarah posted a second TikTok, giving viewers an update on her findings.

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She started the video using the green-screen filter to show a text from her friend Kenda that read, “Sarah that’s my clip.” 

“Thank god,” Sarah said. 

She then showed another text screenshot where Kenda said she lost the clip when the two went to a farm. Sarah pulled up a picture from her camera roll of the trip and said, “That was August 12th.”

“I’ve had my car cleaned professionally twice since then,” Sarah added. “Nobody found the clip.” 

Sarah then addressed the comments asking how she managed to stay so calm during this situation. “I was 90 percent sure my boyfriend wasn’t cheating on me,” she said. 

She explained that she has been with her boyfriend for 10 years and made the mistake of cheating on him five years ago. “I know you guys are probably all gonna hate me for that,” she said. “I was so miserable. I was literally in the worst place of my life.” 

Sarah said she’s done a lot of individual and couple’s therapy since then, so she and her relationship are the healthiest they’ve ever been. 

“We actually just got engaged in July,” she added. “I just forget all the time and still call him my boyfriend.”

Sarah then thanked her viewers who tried to help find the clip’s owner. “It was actually a really fun comment section for once,” she added. 

“The plot twist,” a comment with over 18,000 likes says on Sarah’s second video. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Sarah via TikTok direct message.

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