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‘That’s 30 cents a nugget’: Wendy’s drive-thru customer notices new 50-piece special. Is it worth it?

‘Finally. Useful math.’


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Ever feel like your fast food fix is getting unaffordable? Well, a Wendy’s drive-thru customer recently went viral when he shared the 50-piece chicken nugget special on TikTok.

TikToker The Movement (@thephilosophyphil) posted the short clip while sitting in the Wendy’s drive-thru. The video received 104,000 views as of publication.

The Movement’s video focuses on the Wendy’s drive-thru menu. An on-screen caption reads, “Wendy’s getting creative with the nuggys.”

He then explains why he made the clip. “So, I pulled up to Wendy’s, and I see they got a 50-piece for $14.99,” he says. “That’s 30 cents a nugget.”

@thephilosophyphil Nuggys on sale #wendys #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – The Movement

Many viewers added additional details about Wendy’s 50-piece chicken nugget special.

“They’ve had this for over a decade,” a user said.

“It’s only 10.99 at my Wendy’s,” a second added.

A former employee elaborated on the special. “They did this when I worked there 10 yrs ago,” they wrote. “Its just one whole bag so you’ll likely get a few more than 50 most of the time.”

“We always order the 50 piece, nuggets for days!” another viewer remarked.

Others pointed out that the price has increased or the special costs less in different areas.

“Used to be $10,” a user said.

“Was 9.00 pre-pandemic,” another wrote.

“Man that jam is only like $10 or $12 around here in Houston,” a third shared.

“It was 11.99 like 4 months ago,” another added.

Many diners have found that fast food is no longer a cheap option. Menu prices skyrocketed by 13% in 2022, according to Pricelisto. Overall, restaurants have raised eating-out costs by 6% in an effort to combat labor shortages and rising costs, with fast food raising its prices the most.

The rising prices are not spread evenly. Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell took second place, with increases ranging from 15.6% to 14.6%. But Wendy’s took the title of the most expensive fast-food chain from Burger King after a 35% increase in price in 2022. Price increases don’t seem to be slowing down either. In 2023, fast food prices rose by an additional 8.2%.

However, there is a silver lining. Grocery store prices have decreased over the last few months. From March to April, grocery prices lowered by 0.2%. Several staples faced sharper declines. Dairy prices fell by 0.7%, fruit and vegetable costs dropped by 0.5%, and egg prices lowered by 0.3%.

The Daily Dot reached out to The Movement via TikTok comment and Wendy’s via email for further information.

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