Walmart worker who hangs up incoming call instead of answering in 'life hack'

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‘I’ve done that so many times’: Viewers defend Walmart worker who hangs up incoming call instead of answering in ‘life hack’

'Me working at Domino's 10 minutes before closing time.'


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Posted on Jul 10, 2023

According to one TikTok creator, the best way to handle a work call might be not to answer at all.

Creator Imogen Caruso (@imogencaruso) on Sunday posted a video that has 1.4 million views and more than 183,000 likes.


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In the video, Caruso faces the camera, wearing a blue Walmart vest. A phone on a table rings. Caruso lifts the receiver and quickly hangs it back up, staring back at the camera.

“Life hack,” the onscreen text reads.

The comments section was divided, with some understanding where Caruso was coming from.

A commenter wrote, “One time someone asked me to look for something right before my shift ended. I said let me see in the back. clocked out and went home.”

“I’ve done that so many times,” another person wrote.

One comment read, “Something so satisfying about this.”

Another commenter chimed in, “The vest undone, the out of dress code, the nail tapping after hanging up the phone I LOVE IT.” Caruso replied, “They love me, i can do what i want.”

One commenter knew how to take it a step further: “People at my old job would just leave the phone off the receiver so if wouldn’t ring in the first place.”

A comment read, “Me working at Domino’s 10 minutes before closing time,” and another read, “It’s just that easy folks.”

A former Walmart worker added, “I used to work at walmart. and we had to call the general line to call out sick. no one answered that line.”

Some people weren’t so supportive. One wrote, “After waiting 45 mins just to get transferred to your department just for this.”

A commenter wrote, “Bye what if a customer was calling,” and Caruso replied, “It 100% was a customer calling.”

“Not me calling different Walmarts to see who has my baby’s special formula so I don’t have to bring him in 20 stores. This is so wrong,” another person commented.

“Did you recognize the number and not want to pick up because they were rude before? Or did you refuse a call from an innocent stranger?” one person wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Caruso via Instagram direct message and Walmart via email.

In other recent Walmart news, a worker complained about customers who expect him to know every item in store. Viewers defended the same creator for calling out after the store worked him “too hard” during a shift.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 2:01 pm CDT