Walmart picker complains after customer orders TV

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‘I’m supposed to be on lunch right now’: Walmart picker complains after customer orders TV

'I had to leave this on the floor and come back for it because there was too much sh*t.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jul 17, 2023

A Walmart picker said she had to pick up a 70-inch Roku TV for a customer’s online order, highlighting one issue workers encounter while shopping for oversized orders.

“Oversized orders” are apparently what Walmart internally refers to as pickup or delivery orders that contain large items.

“I’m so tired. You see this blue vest? So, y’all know what I’m complaining about,” 20-year-old Cait (@pxmpc) said, assuming viewers would understand she was about to complain about tasks at her job at Walmart.

In her video, which was viewed over 8,000 times, Cait showed off the item she was tasked with picking up for a customer’s oversized order: a 70-inch Roku TV.

“Keep in mind: I had other things in my walk, so I had to leave this on the floor and come back for it since there was too much sh*t,” she said. “I’m supposed to be on lunch right now. I’m ready to go home, clock out for the day. For a year, actually.”

@pxmpc i was done w the walk & already finna go to lunch before yall get to snitching to management 🙄 #fyp #walmart #newjobtime ♬ original sound – PimpC🦋.

Walmart workers resonated with Cait’s video, expressing their annoyance over how the system is set up. They claimed that the system sometimes has them shop for large items before smaller items, making their jobs harder than need be.

“Oversize its such a mess. Sometimes it makes me get a tv first then have the nerve to send me for toilet paper in the last item,” TikToker @pkmn158 complained.

Another user, @cwbpostofficebox, seconded the notion that the way the job is set up is a “mess,” saying they got a pick-walk—what shopping for the items is referred to—that was supposed to be “CHILLED” and that it turned out to be for 102 items. “Like how was I supposed to do that in 45 minutes?” @cwbpostofficebox questioned.

“my oversized made me and my friend GET A WHOLE TRAMPOLINE and then a fouton in the same walk?? now how was i supposed to do that alone,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @pxmpc via Instagram direct message and to Walmart via media contact form.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 2:58 pm CDT