Walmart shopper says manager tried to change the price of ‘hidden clearance’ furniture that rang up for $9

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‘The app says $57’: Walmart shopper says manager tried to change the price of ‘hidden clearance’ furniture that rang up for $9

'Our Walmart will literally take it from you.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Dec 23, 2023   Updated on Dec 23, 2023, 7:39 am CST

During these times of high prices, shoppers are finding any way they can to score deals. One method for doing so that’s become popular amongst Walmart shoppers is by looking for “hidden clearance” items. These are items that appear to be one price on the shelf, but when one scans them using the app, they are shown to be available at a much lower price.

This price hack has proven popular online. One user on TikTok went viral after showing viewers how they can discover these low prices. Another alleged that a worker at the store accused them of changing the price after they discovered diapers at a significant discount.

Now, a further TikToker has sparked discussion after sharing their own experience with hidden clearance. In a video with over 657,000 views, TikTok user Emir (@extremewalmartclearance) says he discovered chairs that retailed for around $60 on hidden clearance for just $9 apiece.

Getting them, however, was not easy.

The TikToker had to ask 6 employees for assistance before the chairs could eventually be found, and once they were, actually getting them for $9 was a bit of a struggle.

“We were trying to hurry because the manager was trying to change the price on us,” Emir writes in the text overlaying the video.

The TikToker ended up buying 16 of the chairs at a total cost of $144, or $157.39 after tax. In the comments, Emir indicated that he planned to resell the chairs.

In the comments section, other users said that these hidden clearance discoveries don’t always work out as planned.

“Our Walmart will literally take it from you and say it’s not for sale or it was a mistake,” said a commenter.

“It feel illegal for the manager to not sale or try to change the price,” added another. “the way I would turn up in there if they tried me.”

“The ‘hidden clearance’ never works at both the Walmarts I go too,” offered a third.

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Throughout the comments, Emir noted that employees have tried to stop them from buying clearance items in the past. He also claimed that “They don’t let me price match anything anymore lol.”

Some commenters had theories as to why.

“they probably got tired of you and wanted you to stop nagging,” detailed a commenter. “i used to work at walmart and we hated changing prices.”

A few also called out Emir for reselling.

“I hope they put a stop to this. buy out all the clearance and then sell for more. shameful,” stated a user.

“I hate re sellers,” declared an additional TikToker. “like leave s*** for us paycheck to paycheck normal ppl.”

We’ve reached out to Walmart via media relations contact form and Emir via email.

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*First Published: Dec 23, 2023, 8:00 am CST