Buc-ee's customers find out salary for unfilled position is $225K, question why it's still unfilled

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‘Bc it’s an 60-80 hour work week in actuality’: Buc-ee’s customers find out salary for unfilled position is $225K, question why it’s still unfilled

'Idc if it’s 160 hours a week I’ll take a quarter mil.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

Buc-ee’s has gone viral several times in recent years for its high pay and benefits for employees. For example, in May of this year, a user on TikTok sparked discussion after posting a video claiming that a janitorial position at the convenience store chain paid more than her office job.

Not only that, but Buc-ee’s employees can expect numerous benefits for working at the store. These include, per the company’s website, paid time off, insurance, and the ability to have a 401K with an “Employer Match up to 6%.”

This has led some to wonder why people aren’t clamoring for jobs at the store.

In a video with over 229,000d views, TikTok user Skylar (@situpsandsushi) shows herself eating a Buc-ee’s sandwich in a car while someone else in the vehicle talks about working for the store.

“You’re a general manager making $225 thousand at Buc-ee’s for a 35 to 40 hour work week?” the person in the car says. The context of the conversation is unclear. “They’re looking for someone, and someone hasn’t fulfilled that position.”

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The numbers stated by the person in the video seem in line with Buc-ee’s own claims. The store claims that its lowest earners bring in $15 an hour, while everyone in a managerial position earns over six figures.

In the comments section, some users speculated as to why the store may be having trouble filling the role.

“Because it’s not a 35-40 hour work week. It’s probably salary at 35-40 hours so they can make you work 60+/week,” a commenter suggested. “Former retail management here.”

“Because you will actually work 60+ hours a week and every weekend/holiday,” another echoed. “My husband was a mngr at the one in AL. It was a miserable schedule.”

“It’s a combo. It’s listed as that but its salary so longer & cause humans are insane. There isn’t enough $ to be screamed at on a weekly maybe daily basis,” a third offered. “I only know because I wondered the same at a different location and looked it up lol.”

That said, many users claimed they would still be willing to work the job.

“$225k a year? Relocate me to Texas I’ll even take the trouble store in the area,” a user said.

“I’ll do the 60 for 225000,” a second agreed.

“Idc if it’s 160 hours a week I’ll take a quarter mil,” an additional TikToker declared.

We’ve reached out to Buc-ee’s via website contact form and Skylar via Instagram DM.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 9:58 am CDT