young woman with facial filter on with caption 'when my coworker pisses me off so i make a fake account to go write a negative review about them'


‘Def done that a few times’: Tropical Smoothie Cafe worker says she writes negative reviews under a fake account about co-workers that upset her

'When they go low, I go lower.'


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jun 28, 2023

A worker recently shared how she routinely writes negative reviews of co-workers who upset her, using a fake account.

A TikToker, who posts under the handle @shutyournuggets, uploaded a video of herself during her shift at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, with a caption that reads, “When they go low, I go lower.” She approaches the camera with her tongue out while lip-synching to Spanish audio that says, “Estoy loco.”

@shutyournuggets When they go low, i go lower 😈 #fyp #foryou #smoothie #smoothiesisters #tropical #tropicalsmoothie #tropicalsmoothiecafe #cafe #resturant #tsc #fastfood #work #worklife #coworker #workbesties #workaholic #worktok #9to5 #everyday ♬ original sound – Spanish for Everyday

The text overlay above the worker’s head explains the context of the video. It reads, “When my coworker pisses me off so I make a fake account to go write a negative review about them”.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a restaurant franchise found throughout the country, which serves sandwiches and wraps alongside their signature smoothies. The franchise has locations in 42 states and 642 cities, with Florida, Virginia, and Michigan leading the way with the most number of stores.

The video has been viewed 48,900 times as of Wednesday. Users applauded the TikToker’s revenge tactic of leaving negative reviews under a fake account, commenting about similar occurrences at their own workplaces.

“Not me being the shift leader and def done that a few times. Def crazy,” a user admitted.

“Same except I’m team lead LOL,” someone else replied.

“I did this about my managers for being rude to us,” another commenter said.

Some questioned whether writing fake reviews of co-workers actually worked.

“Does that actually work?” one person asked, while another added, “My job doesn’t even look at them.”

“No, companies typically systematically delete negative reviews,” answered someone in the know.

Commenters also praised the TikToker for her creativity when it came to taking revenge on her coworkers.

“Wait this is genius,” one user stated, to which the creator replied jokingly, “Harvard called me this morning.”

“GIVING US IDEAS,” laughed another.

“Gonna start doing this,” added someone else.

The Daily Dot reached out to @shutyournuggets via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jun 28, 2023, 7:30 pm CDT