Texas Roadhouse worker shares how to get most bang for your buck

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‘Servers who tell their tables this are only hurting their own tips’: Texas Roadhouse worker shares how to get most bang for your buck

Love steak? But don't love what steak costs?


Phil West


Posted on Aug 10, 2023

A Texas Roadhouse worker had a tip for customers who want to maximize their steak-eating experiences at the chain restaurant.

The video comes from creator Hanny (@pimpvanillaslim), offering up what she called a “Hanny’s Roadhouse Hack of the Day” in TikTok form. This particular one, recorded inside a noisy Texas Roadhouse and put up on the platform July 27, is approaching the 7,000 view mark.

In it, the creator promised a way to order a filet that will give a customer nine ounces of meat rather than six. Noting that she likes filets, because, as she put it, “I don’t like fat.”

She reveals that while a 6-ounce filet is $21.99, there’s an even better value for filet fans on the menu.

@pimpvanillaslim lmk if you want more Texas Roadhouse Menu Hacks #texasroadhouse #texasroadhousehacks #steak ♬ Texas Roadhouse Song – Kevin Moynihan

Those are the filet medallions. They are also priced at $21.99, but with bonuses.

“Filet medallions come with a bed of rice,” she shared. “And if you don’t want the rice, you can get a third side for free. Three sides, same price, three extra ounces.”

She also let viewers know that subbing for rice can be done for customers who order the grilled shrimp.

The Roadhouse talk commenced.

“Texas road house [is] my JAM!!” one enthused. “Thank you for all the insightful info!!”

Another remarked, “I always get the filet medallions. It’s my favorite.”

While some clearly showed themselves to be fans, others voiced issues they had with the advice or the implications therein.

“Servers who tell their tables this are only hurting their own tips lol,” one said.

Someone else declared, “If you sub something else for the rice, somethings wrong. They literally have the BEST rice.”

Finally, one viewer observed, “I want a hack to ordering steak only with no sides.”

Texas Roadhouse provides a rich mine of content on TikTok, with a number of servers coming on to dunk on various customer requests, as well as more unusual entries. The Daily Dot, for instance, recently covered a Texas Roadhouse video that focused on a flood inside the back of one of the chain’s locations, and another featuring a customer who claimed to economically meal prep via Texas Roadhouse ordering.

There’s also a creator who offered another enticing hack: Geting three shrimp for just $3.99.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse via email.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 3:21 pm CDT