Car dealer says you shouldn’t buy a car in 2024

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‘Just wait, bro’: Car dealer says you shouldn’t buy a car in 2024. Here’s why

‘Been hearing this for 2 years now.’


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Over the past few years, car prices have gone up significantly. According to CNBC, prices for new vehicles “are nearly 14% higher than in February 2021,” and while this growth appears to have slowed somewhat in recent months, the current price of a vehicle is making some people pause before considering their next car purchase.

While some dealerships are offering incentives to encourage car purchases, many have reported that incentives alone are not enough to get them in a new vehicle.

Instead, these customers complain about the many issues currently plaguing the car market. Internet users have reported manufacturer issues, low-quality vehicles, and additional problems with new vehicles that make it difficult for them to consider buying a car in the current market.

That may be why one TikTok user has sparked such incredible discussion with his simple statement: don’t buy a car.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Car Right Now

In a video with over 164,000 views, TikTok user and car dealer Cheese (@thankucheese) advises those in the car market to stop shopping as soon as possible.

“If you can wait to buy a car, just wait to buy a car,” he states. “Right now is like the most expensive time, most expensive prices, everything is taxed.”

Instead of buying a car right now, Cheese says, buyers should simply wait. If they do, they are likely to find lower vehicle prices.

“If you are in the market to buy a car, just wait, bro,” he explains. “I promise you, you’ll get a car, $10,000 off the price you’re trying to pay today.”

If one does not heed his advice, he warns, they could be met with “high-a** interest,” or they will be “paying a premium for the vehicle you’re trying to get.”

Cheese has previously inspired debate with his other car-related videos.

@thankucheese Hold out if you can. Prices will change soon. #cartok #carmarket #carprices #market #car #cars #carsoftiktok #2024 #buying #dont #fyp #fy #viral #trending ♬ Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

Commenters Aren’t So Sure

While Cheese’s advice might make sense on its surface, many users claimed that they had been hearing similar advice for some time.

“Yall been saying that for 2-3 years,” wrote a user. “I’ll just buy a used.”

“Been hearing this for 2 years now,” added another.

“How longggg are we supposed to wait? I’ve been waiting for so long,” shared a third.

However, some claimed that they would be using the advice, no matter how painful the wait may be.

“Yup, patience pays off,” said a commenter.

“What goes up must goes down,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cheese via email.

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