mayonnaise on store shelf with Target and Publix labels with caption 'Money saving tips!' (l) Target store with sign above Publix store with sign (c) mayonnaise on store shelf with Target labels wiith caption 'Money saving tips!' (r)

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‘I bet you it’s one of the big-name labels’: Shopper finds mayonnaise with both Target and Publix labels

‘Ooop! Target & Publix had a little mix-up.’


Braden Bjella


Who makes generic, store-branded products? The answer is a bit complicated.

In some cases, generic products are almost identical clones of the name-brand ones produced in the same facilities. In others, the generic product is produced in the same facility but may be made using a different recipe. In more cases, the generic product is entirely different, with the only similarity being the type of product being made.

With more people than ever buying store brands, users on TikTok are noticing some peculiarities about these generic grocery staples. One creator discovered that all Aldi-branded groceries are free of artificial dyes. Another user, a Dollar Tree shopper, shared a PSA noting that name-brand makeup products are sometimes disguised in generic packaging that can partially obscure the brand name.

Now, a user on TikTok has sparked discussion after noticing something peculiar about the mayonnaise from Target and Publix.

@brittabratbrat Oooop! Target & Publix had a little mix-up. #savemoney #moneysavingtips ♬ original sound

According to TikTok user @brittabratbrat, the two companies use the same mayonnaise for their generic products—and in this case, even put them in the same bottle, alternating the label on either side.

“Now I know the manufacturer who makes Publix and Target mayonnaise is the same, and I bet you it’s one of the big name labels,” she says in the video.

It’s true that both labels in the video appear to, either intentionally or due to a production mishap, match each company’s respective generic labels. Additionally, looking at the ingredients, they appear to be exactly the same, though the Daily Dot could not officially confirm whether each product was sourced from a “big name label.” We’ve reached out to both companies to verify.

In the comments section, users shared their own thoughts on generic products.

“Its the same with a lot of the store brand named product,” claimed a user. “We’ve received Walmart brand, Myers brand, and etc while working at competitor company.”

“A good way to know if a private label is the same as a name label is if the container is the same,” suggested a second. “Same label = same assembly line.”

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