Shake Shack worker talks trash about customers who sit down to eat after they've closed. The customers are right behind him

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‘Get up and leave so I can sweep’: Shake Shack worker blasts customers who came in during closing time. The customers are right behind him

‘These people been sitting here making so much mess while I’m trying to close.’


Amara Thomas


In a viral TikTok video, a Shake Shack employee rants about customers dining in the fast-food restaurant past closing time. 

In the 27-second video, a TikToker user who posts under the handle Amillioniccc (@amillioniccc) is on screen sweeping and cleaning, as he explains the dilemma.

“So riddle me this, if I am closing the store down, why would you sit…down and keep eating,” he says. 

In the video, viewers can spot customers behind the TikToker eating, chatting, and enjoying their meal despite the closed restaurant.

“When you see me sweeping and cleaning, get up and leave so I can go sweep and clean up and go,” the creator continues. “It’s closing time. We closed 30 minutes ago.”

The frustration in his tone is clear. Many service industry employees have taken to TikTok to share how customers who stay past closing cause workers to stay later and prolong their end-of-day cleaning. 

The viral video has around 300,000 views and hundreds of comments as of Monday. Many viewers related to the Shake Shack employee’s grievances, sharing their frustrations and experiences dealing with customers in the comments section.

@amillioniccc These people been sitting here making so much mess While im trying too close #work #fastfoodlife #gtfo ♬ original sound –

“This was a huge pet peeve of mine,” one viewer commented.

Another shared a personal anecdote, writing, “I worked retail for a long time. One time at the store I worked at we turned the lights off and a lady still stayed shopping.”

Based on the comments, it seems that this phenomenon of folks wanting to dine or linger after closing time is not just unique to Shack Shake.

“When I worked at Zaxby’s, people would come on 10-15 mins before we close & would take the chairs off of the tables to sit down,” a viewer shared. “

I used to work at Olive Garden one of my managers would turn off the music and lights when people stayed too long,” another explained. 

Viewers even shared their tips and tricks on how to get customers to leave after closing.

“Turn off the TVs, and the music, turn the lights off then back on, and say ‘Oops sorry! They’re on a timer for 30 minutes after close,’”one commented.

Others expressed their support to the TikToker for speaking out about this phenomenon. “You’re so real for this,” one commented. Another viewer chimed in with, “Say it louder.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to @Amillioniccc via TikTok comment and Shake Shack via email.

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