Server shows how they trick customers when Ginger Ale is out.

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‘I drink ginger ale because it’s caffeine free’: Server shows how they trick customers when Ginger Ale is out. It backfires

‘Or just tell them you’re out?’


Melody Heald


A server revealed his hack when a customer asks for Ginger Ale and the restaurant is out, sparking debate among viewers.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @redbeardticktak who works as a server. The content creator revealed to his followers what he does when a customer requests Ginger Ale and the restaurant doesn’t have any.

First, he scoops ice into the cup before filling the cup with Sprite. He then adds two sprays of Coke. Finally, he finishes by stirring the drink with a couple of straws.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @redbeardticktak via email and TikTok comment. The video racked up over 426,000 views within a day with many viewers not appreciating this trick.

“[I’d] lose my mind. I drink ginger ale because it’s caffeine free,” one viewer wrote.

“Or you could just tell them you don’t have it. For people like me even the smallest amounts of caffeine send my heart into a tizzy,” a second commented.

In addition, servers shared how they also do this.

“Been doing this for years. I have never had someone say it’s not ginger ale,” one user said.

“Got’em my favorite server trick but as an avid ginger ale drinker.. I would know immediately,” a second shared.

“I’ve done this a million times as a server!!!” a third stated.

However, @redbeardticktak is the latest to join other servers who like sharing the tricks they have up their sleeves. One bartender, @yankees_princess, unveiled her hacks for different drinks. Some of them include, “stirring a beer that had been sitting for too long to help it get foamy again.” She also told a server to mix Sprite with “a splash of Coke” instead of giving a customer Ginger Ale.

Furthermore, a pub called The Whistlers Inn in Northern Ireland shared their method when a customer orders an espresso martini. The bartender pours Guinness beer into a martini cup along with “three small coffee beans to further the illusion that the beer is actually the coffee cocktail.”

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