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‘They’re on the menu, just don’t order them’: Bar shares how they trick customers who order espresso martinis

‘K but like… it’s your job.’


Stacy Fernandez


A bar on TikTok claims to trick people who order espresso martinis by serving them a look-a-like drink. Commenters are calling the watering hole out.

In a viral video, a bartender is seen pouring Guinness beer directly from the tap and into a delicate martini glass instead of the standard pint glass normally used for beer.

“When a customer orders an espresso Martini,” the text overlay on the TikTok reads.

After filling the glass to the brim, ensuring there is foam at the top, the bartender garnishes the top of the beverage with three small coffee beans to further the illusion that the beer is actually the coffee cocktail.

Throughout the video, the viral “nobody’s gonna know” sound plays. It’s often used when a person is doing something mischievous or that they otherwise shouldn’t be doing.

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The video was posted by The Whistlers Inn, a pub located in Northern Ireland. That clip has gained more than 1.7 million views and over 250 comments as of Tuesday afternoon.

“They’re on the menu, just don’t order them,” the caption reads.

For those unfamiliar, espresso martinis are made with a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur (usually Kahlúa), freshly brewed espresso or cold brew concentrate, and simple syrup. They are then garnished with coffee beans, states.

Viewers were initially confused by the clip, thinking the bar actually had the cocktail on tap or that the liquid coming out was cold brew.

“I thought this was literally espresso martini on tap. which is so smart. like cold brew concentrate instead of espresso, vodka, kahlua in a keg???” the top comment read.

“I thought this was going to be nitro cold brew with a shot of vodka in it but this is much funnier,” another person said.

Others called out the bar for having a drink on the menu that they don’t actually want to serve.

“Every time we like a drink all the bartenders say not to order it. Do you just want to make vodka sodas all day?” a bar-goer asked.

“K but like… it’s your job to make us espresso martinis we give you money for them,” a viewer pointed out.

And several people with gluten allergies hoped the TikTok was a joke and that they didn’t actually trick people in this way—since it could have real consequences for some.

“As someone who can’t have gluten I really hope no one actually thinks this is a good idea. I can have a martini I can’t have beer,” a commenter said.

“My gluten allergy would find out quick enough,” a second person added.

The Daily Dot reached out to the bar via Instagram direct message for comment.

Update 10:39am CT August 2: In an Instagram DM to the Daily Dot, a representative for The Whistlers Inn stated that the video was a joke.

“We have never claimed to “trick” people by serving them the wrong drink in our establishment,” they wrote.

“The TikTok that we published was simply a joke pointing out the similarity between the two beverages,” they added. “Furthermore, Espresso Martinis are known to be quite the hassle to make especially on a busy night. Therefore we thought this association was quite humour-us.”

They stated that despite the hassle involved in making an espresso martini, the pub’s bartenders would never replace the drink with a pour of Guinness.

“Never have we, nor will we ever try to “trick” our customers by serving them something they have not ordered. And we take any accusation stating this very seriously,” they said.

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