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‘No cause why are they always shocked’: Server blasts customers who don’t know how to properly order steaks

‘They literally never listen when I tell them what medium rare is!’


Braden Bjella


If one has never ordered a steak before, the actual ordering process can be a bit confusing. As opposed to meats like chicken that are generally cooked to a certain temperature before they can be consumed safely, many cuts of steak can be served at a variety of temperatures, each one being up to the customer’s preference.

For example, a customer can order a steak blue rare, meaning that the outside is seared while the inside remains red and raw.

In contrast, a steak can also be ordered “well done,” where the inside is a consistent brown-gray, and little to no “blood” (a red liquid found in steak that is actually a mixture of water and muscle protein) can be found in the meat.

Even with this complexity, many believe they fully understand the steak ordering process. Not so, says TikTok user Robin (@imjustrobb).

Robin had previously sparked discussion after arguing that the tipping system benefits servers more than a living wage. In this video, which currently has over 839,000 views as of Saturday, Robin acts out a scenario in which a customer orders a steak medium-rare.

@imjustrobb BABE! med-rare is going to be bloody. And dont play w me bc i have it written down in my server book by @Truly Tay! Use my discount code: ROBIN32131 for $$$ off! 😒🫡 #servertiktok #restaurantproblems #server #bartending #serverproblems #DTLA #bartender #host #host ♬ original sound – Imjustrobb

When the steak arrives, the customer complains.

“That looks really bloody,” says the fake customer.

“Yeah, because you ordered a medium rare filet,” Robin retorts.

“BABE! med-rare is going to be bloody,” Robin writes in the caption. “And don’t play w me [because] i have it written down in my server book…”

In the comments section, users shared the many perils of dealing with customers’ steak orders.

“The customers that order steaks medium rare then give it back talking about ‘I didn’t know it would be that pink,’” a user wrote.

“They literally never listen when I tell them what medium rare is!” another exclaimed. “And then have the audacity to throw a fit when it comes out like I said it would.”

“I asked a woman the other day how would she like her steak and she said ‘wdym? On the plate duh,’” a third recalled.

However, some countered that they’ve faced issues receiving steak at the temperature of their preference.

“I totally understand what you’re saying however sometimes the way each restaurant cooks a medium rare steak can be so different,” a commenter explained.

“Me,” stated a second. “I didn’t grow up eating steak n going to restaurants. I didn’t know what was what.”

“I won’t lie tho, I’ve noticed upscale steakhouses tend to be on the rare side,” observed an additional TikToker. “Even when comparing it to charts if you order medium rare it’s rare.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Robin via Instagram direct message.

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