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‘New fear unlocked’: Woman says roommate tried to poison her with Visine eye drops in Brita pitcher

‘She was trying to take you OUT.’


Alexandra Samuels


Dealing with unsavory roommates is certainly nothing new, but in a recent TikTok video, one woman claimed that a housemate apparently tried to poison her with Visine eye drops.

In a short clip, Vaune Suitt (@lawn_vaune) says that her roommate put the drops into her Brita “to poison me.” 

“Can’t kill me yet baby!!!!” Suitt wrote in her TikTok’s caption. As of Wednesday morning, the video had over 239,000 views. 

Indeed, ingesting Visine can kill a person. In one instance, a woman was sentenced to more than two decades in prison after deliberately putting the drops into her husband’s drink. According to the Food and Drug Administration, an active ingredient in Visine—tetrahydrozoline—“may cause serious and life-threatening adverse events” if ingested. It clarified, however, that the chemical is safe if used in the nose or eyes as directed. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Suitt via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear why her roommate tried to poison her and whether Suitt ever sought legal recourse for her roommate’s actions. She clarified in a comment, however, that she found out about the incident because her roommate “felt bad and told [her.]” 

“It’s crazy how roommates can be traumatizing like that,” Suitt wrote in a follow-up comment.

Though Suitt attempted to make light of the situation, a handful of viewers were appalled that her roommate would apparently go to such lengths to harm her.

“I’m sorry, but Visine??? She was trying to take you OUT,” wrote one user. 

“New fear unlocked,” another TikToker said. 

“This why I live alone,” commented a third. 

Others questioned whether the roommate faced legal repercussions—like jail time. 

“Are they in jail now?” questioned one viewer. 

“Take it to court fr,” wrote another. 

“We need a story time,” commented a further TikToker.

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