Tuesday’s Reddit Digest—one million years of fire

Twitter suspends 45 alleged Russian trolls that spread pro-Trump propaganda
The discovery suggests Twitter's methods for removing bots is inadequate.

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In today’s digest, Reddit’s unoffical magazine confirms that it’s shutting down.

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  • “I’m an American living abroad. A few days ago I had a miscarriage. I’m emotionally devastated, but if it had happened in America I’d be ruined.” The headline says it all. (/r/TwoXChromosomes)

  • It looks like The Redditor, Reddit’s unofficial magazine, really is shutting down—for now. “How do you fool someone on April Fools’? Nobody believes anything anymore,” ohblair, one of the magazine’s editors, writes. “Nobody believed us. That’s the joke, we were serious. The Redditor is on hiatus.” (/r/theredditor)

  • Reddit General Manager Erik Martin, a.k.a. hueypriest, has been dominating the Time 100 poll, something with which he’s not entirely comfortable. “I’m not nearly as influential, accomplished, or Cumberbachtian as the other nominees, but thank you nonetheless,” Martin wrote. “It’s been weird and fun to be leading the poll. The Iranian filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi is currently in second place, and personally I hope he overtakes me. Ideally, I’d prefer not to express my personal opinion, but since I’m in the poll and reddit’s gotten me into the top spot it felt wrong not to share my opinion.” (/r/movies)

  • This frog is a boss. There may never be a cooler photograph of a frog. I would frame it an put it on my wall, if I had a habit of framing frog photos. (/r/pics)

  • Apparently our human ancestors one million years ago knew how to use fire, a revelation so amazing it’s taken up both the first and second posts in r/science this morning. Redditors are urging caution, per the norm in r/science: “This theory is nothing new, but the book it is based out of is very well written. It is very plausible, I even think it is likely true, but there is not consensus on this matter.” (/r/science)

  • This guy claims he spends $100,000 a year on alcohol and downs 100 drinks a week. Can someone who lives that lifestyle really be a “highly functioning” alcoholic, as he claims in his AMA? (/r/IAmA)

  • Are Generation Y’s problems the fault of the Baby Boomers? That question spawned an intense discussion at r/TrueReddit. (/r/TrueReddit)

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