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‘BIG BACK JOE’: Raising Cane’s customer says worker wrote ‘big back’ on receipt after they ordered 24 toasts

‘But all that and only 1 lemonade.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Placing large orders at restaurants prepared to fulfill them might make planning for events a bit easier—but they will not make customers immune to ridicule.

A Raising Cane’s customer says she recently placed a large order at the restaurant, which serves meals built around its famous chicken tenders, and found an offensive name scrawled across their receipt.

In a photo shared to TikTok by Dulce Ramos (@mamaciita.candyy), a Raising Cane’s employee labeled the customer “Big Back Joe” for a large order placed in the drive-thru.

“POV: Raising Canes letting my boyfriend know he’s fat,” a text overlay on the photo reads.

On the printed receipt, the customer order shows that they ordered a tailgate, which is a large order of chicken tenders in increments of 25 meant to feed larger groups. For example, the 25-tender tailgate would come with eight cups of Cane’s sauce.

However, it does not come with sides or beverages, meaning those items must be ordered separately. On the order shown in the video. the customer has also ordered 15 sides of fries and seven additional sides of Cane’s sauce, as well as 24 sides of toast to accompany the chicken strips. The order is then finished off with one large lemonade.

While the order is appropriate for a large group, it is unclear how many people it is intended to feed based on the information presented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ramos via TikTok direct message regarding the video, as well as to Raising Cane’s via email.

Raising Cane’s has become a topic of conversation on TikTok, specifically with regard to employees frustrated with customers who swap out the coleslaw that comes with their order for an additional side of toast, as they still have to prep it, and customers who are confused that the menu is so heavily based on chicken tenders and little else.

The latter is actually by design, per the company. The business was founded on the concept of only selling chicken tenders and sides to accompany them, and the first restaurant opened in Louisiana in 1996.

As for the nickname given to the customer based on the size of the order, “big back” originates from London slang meaning “big booty,” though the term has been popularized on TikTok to refer to fat people. Its inclusion in a viral audio is frequently self-deprecating but typically a fatphobic term.

It is unclear whether Ramos reported the incident to the business. In the past, food industry employees who have used receipts as a place to ridicule or belittle a customer have not fared well, often losing their jobs. Based on the post, Ramos appeared to take the joking comment in stride.

Viewers carried the joking nature of the video into the comments section, where they remarked on the order and could not help but find “Big Back Joe” to be comedy gold.

“Big back Joe gotta keep that back big,” one commenter wrote.

“Well, unless he was ordering for a large group, they may not be far off,” another said.

“What’s crazy is ordering that much food through the drive thru,” a further user commented.

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