Air Canada signs (l) woman at airport with caption 'Please help me blow this up and get my money back...for my flight, hotel and help me get home' (c) Air Canada plane (r)

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‘They won’t let me go home’: Passenger says Air Canada ‘forcibly removed’ her from their flight. She can’t believe the reason why

‘Never, ever fly with them.’


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A content creator called out Air Canada after claiming that the airline initially refused her seat on her flight back home. The airline, she said, also didn’t immediately offer to compensate her after “forcibly [removing]” her from the plane.

TikTok user Sanaz B (@meltsinfusions), a biomedical engineer, recorded the video shortly after she was taken off her flight. As of Saturday evening, her clip had amassed more than 327,500 views.

“Please help me blow this up and get my money back,” she wrote in the text overlay. “Help me get home.” 

Sanaz called on internet users to tag Air Canada after the airline “forcibly removed” her from her $900 flight. The reason? Flight officials apparently said that her dog carrier was too big. 

The content creator said she didn’t understand why she got called out, in part, because she said she called in advance and was told her bag was an acceptable size. She was also let into Canada, she said, with the same bag, but was told she couldn’t fly back home to Miami with it.

“They let me into the country,” she said, with the “exact same bag” and the “exact same dog.” 

Now, she said, Air Canada was “leaving me here.” 

“They won’t let me go home,” Sanaz lamented.

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A trip abroad gone wrong

Sanaz didn’t elaborate on how she was “forcibly” removed, but claimed that flight attendants “made a scene.” And she said the airline wasn’t exactly helpful once she was off the plane, either.

“Once I get off the flight, I ask, ‘What’s the solution, how do I fix this?’” Sanaz recalled. She said she was given “no solution” other than to go downstairs and call an unspecified number. After waiting on hold for an hour, she said, she was offered a so-called solution: To pay $1,500 for a replacement flight. 

The new flight, she said, was 14 hours long since it was not direct. And, at the time of recording, she was unclear whether she would get a refund or even be able to board the new flight since she had her same dog carrier with her.

“This is Air Canada,” Sanaz said. “Never, ever fly with them.”

In a follow-up comment, Sanaz clarified that she did eventually get back to Miami. Two days later, she wrote, she had no issues boarding the same flight with the same carrier and the same dog.

But this isn’t the first time customers have dealt with issues with flying Air Canada. Last summer, another content creator said that the airline canceled her flight and rebooked her for another one days later. She also never received compensation. Prior to that, another customer claimed that he was blacklisted from Air Canada after reporting a flight attendant for groping another passenger.

The repeated snags with Air Canada caused some viewers to pledge to never fly with them.

“There needs to be accountability,” one commenter wrote. “I won’t be flying air canada.”

“I have never flown Air Canada, and I never will,” another affirmed. “Glad it eventually worked out for you.”

“This is so wrong,” a third viewer said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sanaz via TikTok comment and to Air Canada by email. 

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