Oreo's in shoppers hand at store with caption 'Why does this exist' (l) Double Stuff Oreo's on shelf at store with caption 'Why does this exist' (c) Thins Extra Stuff Oreo's in shoppers hand at store with caption 'Why does this exist' (r)

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‘Why does this exist?’: Oreo Thins ‘Extra Stuf’ perplex customer at grocery store (updated)

'So is it just an Oreo?'


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Posted on Apr 13, 2023   Updated on Apr 14, 2023, 2:26 pm CDT

For most people, the original Oreo is likely the first to come to mind when thinking of Nabisco’s classic sandwich cookie. Yet, the company has produced 85 different flavors during its long history. While some customers are fond of the seemingly never-ending options, others wonder why certain Oreo varieties were made in the first place.

In a viral video viewed over 647,000 times, TikTok user Kevin Thomas (@kevinthomatron) voiced his confusion about the reasoning behind Oreo Thins Extra Stuf, sparking debate about Oreos and how much stuff is enough.

Thomas starts the video by showing several varieties of Oreos stacked on grocery store shelves. “So, please, someone out there, please tell me. You have Oreos, right? Your classic Oreos,” he says as he pulls a bag of Oreos from the shelf. “Normal amount of stuff, you know?”

“Then you have your Double Stuff Oreos. That’s reasonable,” Thomas continues. “Then you have your Oreos Thins, which is less stuff. So you have your less, regular, and more stuff.” Finally, Thomas pulls a pack of cookies off the shelf and presents it to the audience. “So the thing that I’m not getting is this: Oreo Thins Extra Stuff. Like, so is it just an Oreo? Why is this being sold?” 

@kevinthomatron Why does this exist #oreo #oreothins #cookies ♬ original sound – Kevin Thomas

In the comments section, viewers were quick to remark about the subtle differences between the cookies.

“Oreo Thins have a slimmer cookie. Looks like a slimmer cookie with regular amount of stuff like from a traditional Oreo?” one user commented.

“It’s a food texture thing! If ya know you know,” a second wrote.

“The pictures say it all,” another added.

Other commenters were concerned about the stuff-to-cookie ratio, with one even breaking down the varying amounts of creme for each level of stuff.

“Oreo-1. Double Stuff-2. Mega Stuf-4. Thins .5, Thins Extra Stuff .75. There’s the math,” one user wrote.

“Buy them. They are the perfect ratio of cookie to creme,” a second commented.

“Thins Double Stuff is the PERFECT ratio of cookie to stuff. Don’t knock it til u try it,” another encouraged.

The Daily Dot contacted Kevin Thomas via TikTok comment and Oreo via parent company Mondelez International’s press email.

Update 2:26pm CT April 14: In an email to the Daily Dot, an Oreo spokesperson shared the following.

“We know fans love the delicate, wafer-thin crispiness of OREO THINS cookies – but for years, fans have been debating the perfect cookie-to-creme ratio. OREO is thrilled to introduce OREO THINS Extra Stuf, a new, adult-friendly option for everyone who loves the snap of crispy OREO THINS wafers, but desires a bit more creme for extra enjoyment.”

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*First Published: Apr 13, 2023, 4:46 pm CDT