OnlyFans creator says her stepdad subscribed to her account

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‘He said that he subscribed for my welfare’: OnlyFans creator says her stepdad subscribed to her account, spent $2,000

‘I ruined my mom’s marriage.’


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A TikTok user and OnlyFans creator’s series of videos went viral after alleging that she discovered her stepfather was an active subscriber to her OnlyFans account.

For context, OnlyFans is a subscription service frequently used by creators to share lewd photos and videos. Subscribers are charged a monthly fee for each subscription and can tip or leave requests for individual creators. The true identities of OnlyFans subscribers are anonymous and cannot be viewed by creators.

However, according to TikTok user Tai (@ta1laaa), her stepfather made a critical mistake that led to her discovering that he was a top subscriber to her account. 

In one video of a six-part series, Tai says that she discovered it was her stepfather after someone viewed her TikTok with the same account name as a major OnlyFans subscriber. TikTok noted that this account was created by someone from her contacts. Tai used a process of elimination to determine it was likely her stepfather and called him out.

@ta1laaa Rookie error sir #fyp #viral #scandal #drama #australia ♬ original sound – Tai 🖤

In another video that has since had its audio removed, Tai claims that she has known her stepdad since she was 11 years old and that he had subscribed to her OnlyFans for at least two months. She also calls him her “top subscriber” and alleges that he spent $2000 AUD ($1330 USD) on “custom content, every single video that I sent out” over the course of those two months.

Tai shared in a follow-up video her stepfather’s specific requests, which included requests for photos of what underwear she was wearing and requests that she take pictures in her bedroom, which is a room she claims he had access to.

@ta1laaa I cant believe i did this #fyp #viral #drama #scandal ♬ original sound – Tai 🖤

Tai also alleges that her stepfather asked her to rate his member, to which she obliged.

Eventually, Tai says she reached out to her stepfather directly and requested that he tell her mother what he’s been doing. The stepfather allegedly tried to speak to Tai directly, but she says she refused to talk until he told her mother that he’s been subscribed to her OnlyFans.

@ta1laaa Turned into something it shouldnt have 👀 last video i swear #fyp #viral #drama #tea #scandal ♬ original sound – Tai 🖤

Eventually, she says she did call him while keeping her mom on the other line so she could hear the conversation. The stepfather allegedly stated that he only subscribed to her OnlyFans for her “welfare.”

“I said, ‘$2000 for my welfare?’” Tai recalls. 

The exchange ended with Tai’s mother breaking off her and her stepfather’s relationship.

It’s unclear if Tai’s story is genuine. However, this isn’t the first time an OnlyFans creator has made such an allegation. In January of last year, an OnlyFans creator and TikTok user claimed that her father, who had an alleged history of sexual abuse, had subscribed to her account and made specific requests.

On Tai’s videos, users shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“I think he officially loses the title of Step Dad as soon as he typed in his credit card number,” wrote one user.

“I feel like the bizarre nature of this situation detracts from what an absolute betrayal this was for you, and I’m so sorry you experienced it,” added another.

“I’m so sorry that this has happened to you,” shared a third. “I have an awful stepdad story too. This hurts my heart.”

We’ve reached out to Tai via Instagram direct message.

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