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‘You’re supposed to fix it not make me more f*cking bald’: Target shopper says MONDAY shampoo caused her hair to fall out in clumps

'Literally scalped me over a period of 2 months.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 12, 2023

A user on TikTok is calling out MONDAY Haircare after claiming that the brand’s shampoo made her hair fall out.

In a video with over 248,000 views, TikTok user Nessa (@imsimplynessa) says she was encouraged to try the brand after seeing someone else on the platform promote it. After purchasing a bottle at Target, her results were disastrous.

“[I] used it for about 2 months, and after every single shower, my hair was just falling out in clumps,” she says. She then shows her hairline, which had receded significantly.

@imsimplynessa DO NOT BUY THIS 😭 literally scalped me over a period of two months smh #greenscreen #BALD #dontbuy #mondayhaircare ♬ Mii Music but It Makes You Uncomfortable – lukeitslukas

Stopping her use of the product, she says, caused her hair to recover.

“Literally look how much my hair has already grown back,” she says after 3 weeks of not using the shampoo. Her hair appears significantly fuller.

For those who believe the hair loss may have been caused by something else, Nessa says it’s unlikely.

“I eat healthy. I work out. I take my vitamins. The body’s good,” she explains. ”And I’m not allergic to random stuff—I fully don’t have allergies.”

“DO NOT BUY THIS,” she concludes in the caption. “Literally scalped me over a period of two months smh.”

Nessa isn’t the first to make such a claim. Earlier this year, another TikTok user went viral after alleging that MONDAY shampoo also caused her to lose hair. Reviews haven’t been favorable, either. One site gives MONDAY’s shampoo and conditioner a 2.4 out of 5 stars, with numerous users complaining about hair loss.

These allegations are not new, either. The New Zealand Herald posted an article in June 2020 in which users claimed the product caused their hair to “snap and break.” A few even alleged that their hair “melted” after using the product.

TikTok comments on Nessa’s video offered similar stories.

“ME TOO! Literally after a month of using monday i started getting scalp psoriasis… been dealing w it ever since,” shared a commenter.

“Yesss! I’ve been using native shampoo and condition for the last 2 weeks and my scalp is finally coming back to normal,” detailed another.

“I LOST SO MUCH HAIR TOO! It took me over 6 months to realize it was because of that,” recalled a third.

In an email to the Daily Dot, Nessa said that the brand has not yet responded to her video.

“Unsurprisingly, I have not heard from MONDAY, founder Jaimee Lupton, or any person who represents the brand,” she wrote. “I do however hope they saw my video as well as thousands of others posted this year alone complaining.”

“I’m not sure exactly what ingredient causes this hair loss issue, but I have a feeling it has to do with the fragrance and the other unnecessary additives in the product’s formula,” she continued. “I’ve never had such a terrible set of hair products touch my hair in my life.”

As for what the brand should do about the alleged issue, Nessa is clear: remove the product from stores.

“I think MONDAY should pull their products from shelves and issue a recall,” she stated. “Thousands of people should not be telling your brand there is a serious issue and you unethically ignore and continue to produce said issue.”

“I will always support other female business owners,” she continued. “However, in this case, wellness is being ignored. It’s incredibly disappointing that something like this is even allowed to be sold despite everything. It’s time to get back to work and fix this. We need tighter regulations from our government for products being released. It feels like we’re constantly sold products that cause issues so we can seek treatment…oh wait.”

The Daily Dot reached out to MONDAY Haircare via email and website contact form, and to Target via email.

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*First Published: Sep 12, 2023, 1:27 pm CDT