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‘How do you lose a car???’: Woman says her Mercedes-Benz was repossessed—and the bank lost the car

‘They’re repo-ing so many cars they can’t keep track.’


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A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after alleging that her car was repossessed—and the people who repossessed it have no idea where it is.

TikTok user Kiki (@lifeaskiki_) previously sparked discussion after advocating that more people should declare bankruptcy. In the time since, she’s documented her own bankruptcy journey, ranging from her explaining how she tried to sell her home to the various issues that come with beginning anew.

Now, she’s sparked discussion after revealing a peculiarity of her bankruptcy journey. According to her, she asked for her Mercedes Benz to be picked up “as soon as [she] filed for bankruptcy.” However, from there, things took a strange turn.

A lost Mercedes Benz repossession

In her video, which currently has over 50,000 views, Kiki says that she asked for the car to be repossessed back in March, and it was. However, earlier this month, she received a strange note.

“Two weeks ago, I get a nasty letter saying that they’re about to come and pick up the vehicle,” she explains. “Two weeks ago—keep in mind, I said, March of this year I gave them the car back.”

Figuring it was “just an honest mistake,” Kiki reached out to the bank to clarify her situation. While she was able to confirm that the bank had picked up her Mercedes Benz, the bank now had a startling issue: they didn’t know where her car was.

“They are still doing research to try to find that car,” she details. “Now, I know for sure that it was them that picked it up, because they called me to confirm everything like that. I had to write a notice. They have the notice, but they don’t know where the car is.”

@lifeaskiki_ How do you lose a car??? Where is the dang tracker? #mercedesbenz #bankruptcy #reposession #dodgehornet #teslamodel3 ♬ original sound – LifeAsKiki_

Commenters are in shock

In the comments section, users expressed disbelief that Kiki had to deal with this odd problem.

“Wowww they better contact the company that took the car,” said a user.

“Wym they can’t find it,” asked another. “They’re repo-ing so many cars they can’t keep track. A lot of ppl are going through it.”

“Worked for Mercedes for 7 years and they 1000% have trackers and I have had to track down stolen Benz’s and coordinated with multi-state police departments all from my iPhone. Mercedes Me Connect,” detailed a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kiki via email.

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