customer holding Big Mac above box (l) Big Mac on BIg Mac box (c) customer holding Big Mac above box showing sliced bottom bun (r)

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‘if they ran outta bottom buns they shoulda gave u a discount!’: McDonald’s customer gets middle Big Mac bread under her burger

'Where is my bottom bun?'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on May 4, 2023

A McDonald’s customer who received a burger with an odd bun has taken to TikTok to call out the burger chain.

In the video posted by Salena Preston (@salenapreston), she shows her burger, which may have been made with a bun intended for the middle of a Big Mac burger as its bottom bun.

“See, this is exactly why I do not eat McDonald’s,” she says in the video. “Where is my bottom bun? Is that a middle Big Mac bun? Who is making the sandwiches?”

@salenapreston WHat the Heck🙄 #McDonalds #Horrible #FYP #Fail ♬ original sound – Salena Preston

Some commenters argued that the cut bread on the bottom is “still bread.”

“Your bottom bun is right there just doesn’t have any crust,” one commenter wrote.

“They prob js ran out of bottom buns u aint gotta do em like that,” another said.

“Complaining cuz you didn’t get crust on your bottom bun,” a third added.

In response to one of several commenters who told her the burger was still fine to eat, Preston wrote, “I don’t play bout my food lol.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s regarding the video via email, as well as to Preston via TikTok direct message.

Some viewers made light of the situation, with one answering her question of who made the burger by referencing recent allegations that the company had 10-year-old children working at one Kentucky location.

“If you don’t eat McDonald’s how do you know they didn’t change it up?” one commenter wrote. “This is the new bun you just been out the game so long!”

“A 10 yr old they illegally hired lol,” another commented.

“If they ran outta bottom buns they shoulda gave u a discount!” a further user argued. “McDonald’s be clownn!”

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*First Published: May 4, 2023, 10:23 am CDT