worker speaking in car with caption 'I have been working with this company for a little over 5 years' (l) worker speaking in car with caption 'and I just walked out today' (c) worker speaking in car with caption 'they blank replaced me today' (r)

@smarti0531/TikTok by Caterina Cox

‘Feel like I was just slapped in the face’: Worker of 5 years quits on the spot after she returns from sick leave and is told she’s no longer the manager

‘I had to go.’


Tiffanie Drayton


After one TikToker quit the job she worked at for five years because they replaced her as manager while she was on sick leave, she was surprised to find emotional support on the platform. In a viral clip that has been viewed more than 600,000 times, user @smarti0531 told viewers her tale through sobs.

“So I just quit my job,” the TikToker begins her video. “I’m pretty emotional because I love my job.”

The TikToker was so overwhelmed with emotions that she had to pull her car over and let it all out.

“I feel like I was just slapped in the face,” she continued.

@smarti0531 #justquitmyjob #fyp #fypシ #nevergoingback #newchapter ♬ original sound – Sarah Martin

She explained that she had been the “lead” at her job for a little over three years, but that all suddenly changed when she took a short break from work after a surgery. Upon her return, they replaced her with a new manager and essentially demoted her. She seemed to feel incredibly hurt by the fact that her whole crew just stood there and didn’t bat an eye while she received the news.

“They didn’t respect me,” she concluded, “I had to go.”

Many in the comments section applauded her decision.

“I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself and leaving a place that didn’t value you,” user @em commented. “You will find a better job, one that will value you!”

“Don’t ever look back and say you did the wrong thing u made the right choice,” another posted.

“Same thing happened to me just last week,” another user commented, “Came back from workers comp, they had given my position away. I quit after 30 arts. Chin up! You got this!”

Others expressed concerns over the TikToker’s decision to quit before lining up another job, but apparently her job search is off to a good start.

“I have 4 interviews this week,” she responded to a concerned commenter.

In a follow-up video, the user updated her viewers and let them know that she is doing well and has already had another interview. She also explained that she has a side hustle and her husband still has work, so they should be OK in the interim.

“All of your comments did help me though,” she said.

Work in America is at a cultural crossroads, and much of the fall-out has become fodder for internet culture amid tech layoffs, extremely online hiring practices, impossible-to-land job postings crammed with applicants, scams, and controversial employer expectations.

The Daily Dot reached out to @smarti0531 via TikTok comments but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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