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‘Then employers are like why doesn’t Gen Z want to work a 9-5?!! Like this is why’: Job candidate hangs up on recruiter after learning job entails 6-day workweek

‘And then the salary is like $42k a year.’


Rebekah Harding


A woman says she hung up during a phone screening for a job after the recruiter said employees were required to answer emails after hours and work one day during the weekend.

In the video posted by Lauren (@laurenn_morgann) on Apr. 4, she says that the first interview for a job was going well until the recruiter let her know that all employees were expected to keep an eye on their email after hours and choose one weekend day to come into the office.

“I’m feeling like with the salary and not really having any work-life balance…it’s just not aligned. But I really hope that you find what you’re looking for,” she says she told the recruiter before hanging up the call.

The caption reads, “‘Then employers are like why doesnt Gen Z want to work a 9-5?!! like this is why.”

@laurenn_morgann Then employers are like why doesnt Gen Z want to work a 9-5?!! like this is why. #jobsearch #9to5 #interview #worklifebalance #foryoupage ♬ original sound – laurenn_morgann

In the comments section, users blasted the company, which Lauren didn’t name, for their lack of work-life balance and boundaries.

“What could possibly [be] that important? Like jobs aren’t real. The emails can wait a day,” one user wrote. This prompted Lauren to reply, “They want you to literally bare your heart and soul at a minimum pay.”

“Wow they aren’t even trying to hide it,” another said. “As a person in recruitment, that’s a nightmare.”

“At 6 days I feel like they’d deadass say ‘Why don’t we have a company sleepover & we can work 7 days a week!☺️’ *sleeping bags not provided*” a third quipped.

Others tried to break down how much extra pay should be given to the prospective employee if they’re asked to work outside of conventional 9 to 5 hours.

“Checking emails all the time at home + 6 days/week in office =24/7 job. If they offered under $63510 that’s under fed min wage for hours ‘on call,’” a commenter said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lauren via Instagram direct message.

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