Logan's Roadhouse server says 'blue-haired' co-worker's 'tummy hurts' so now he has to do her job.

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‘Not having it’: Logan’s Roadhouse server says ‘blue-haired’ co-worker’s ‘tummy hurts’ so now he has to do her job. Viewers aren’t buying it

‘Me when I make up scenarios that didn’t happen at all.’


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A Logan’s Roadhouse server took to TikTok to complaining about having to take over his co-worker’s shift. It’s gone viral—but not for the reasons he might have hoped.

The video, posted by TikToker @lumber_jaxx on May 19, shows him closing a door behind him in a kitchen and then crossing his arms and looking agitated. The on-screen caption reads: “POV: The blue haired girls tummy hurts at work and now you have to take her shift.”

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The video has amassed over 813,100 views and hundreds of comments, many of which are calling out the TikToker, claiming he invented a scenario just to go viral.

“Me when I make up scenarios that didn’t happen at all,” one commenter wrote.

“I’ll take Things That Have Never happened for 200!” another added.

Some commenters also pointed out that the TikToker was stereotyping women with blue hair.

“I’m confused what the hair has to do with the story ? Is there something I’m missing ?” one user asked.

“What’s blue hair matter tho,” another wondered.

However, some commenters defended the TikToker, claiming the scenario isn’t unrealistic.

One of them wrote, “people whining here have never worked retail/food service in their life. this is a weekly occurrence.”

This is not the first time that a TikToker has been called out for allegedly inventing a scenario just to go viral. One such example involves TikToker Matty Co, who falsely claimed to have been sued by Coldplay because his song resembled “Clocks.” Another case involves TikToker Griffin Maxwell Brooks who called out several influencers for pretending to be gay or bisexual for clout.

Logan’s Roadhouse, a chain of steakhouse restaurants, has been a topic of some viral TikToks noticed by the Daily Dot, including one about a TikToker claiming she was out at the restaurant with her mom and saw her dad with a “side chick,” and another about a night when a Logan’s scheduled 14 servers for the same shift.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @lumber_jaxx via email and to Logan’s Roadhouse via their press email.

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