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‘Y’all better hope u don’t get sued’: Student shows ‘future lawyers’ shopping, playing games during lecture

‘I spend more time on twitter than taking notes.’


Braden Bjella


Although the United States is one of the most expensive countries in the world to attend university, that doesn’t mean the students who’ve shelled out the money for that tuition are actually paying attention in class.

In a now-deleted video that had over 5.9 million views, TikTok user Demi (@demiwitteveenn) shows a lecture hall in which nearly every student has a computer in front of them. As Demi reveals, few seem to be taking notes or paying attention to the lecture.

“Yall better hope u don’t get sued ’cause this is what future lawyers are doing in lectures,” Demi writes in the text overlaying the video.

Across the video, one can see students shopping, playing the mobile game Hay Day, looking at apartments available to rent, and more. 

Demi isn’t the first to note the failure of students to pay attention in class. In March, another TikTok user showed a nursing lecture in which many students were seen performing similar behaviors to those shown in Demi’s video.

@daphnemorejon for legal purposes… this was taken during break #studentnursesoftiktok #studentnursetok #nursingstudent #nursingtok #nursinglife #nursingmajor #studentnurse #nursingschool #nursesoftiktok #nursinghumor ♬ original sound – Beth Anne Brice

“Y’all better start working out and eating healthy,” wrote this TikToker in their overlay text.

In both of these cases, it may not be entirely the fault of the students for being unable to pay attention during lectures. While the computer may be a distraction for students, studies have found that the lecture format itself is less effective in conveying information than other teaching styles. 

Furthermore, many American colleges do a poor job of teaching information to students. A 2011 study of 3,000 students across 29 university campuses found that “based on transcripts, surveys and the standardized test the Collegiate Learning Assessment, 45 percent of students showed ‘no significant gains in learning’ after two years in college,” per The Atlantic.

In the comments section of Demi’s video, some users speculated as to why students do not feel the need to pay attention in class.

“Its because the professors often go off topic anyways and you gotta fill the time they are waffling about whatever,” said a commenter.

“Going to lecture makes me feel productive even tho I don’t do anything,” added a second. “The grind happens on my own time.”

Other users simply related to the lecture experience shown in the clip.

“As a psychology student: also try to stay sane bc we are the same,” a user wrote.

“As a law student, can confirm. i spend more time on twitter than taking notes,” added another.

“In nursing school 1 semester everyone in my class watched all of Dexter together because all the teacher did was read straight from the book,” recalled a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Demi via TikTok comment.

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