Shopper says Kroger’s $10 for 80% lean patties are bamboozling us

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‘Think we won’t notice?’: Shopper says Kroger’s $10 for 80% lean patties are bamboozling us

‘The Math isn’t mathing.”


Brooke Sjoberg


These days, increased food costs have shoppers seeking out deals anywhere they can find them.

But what happens when the deal the grocery retailer advertises is not what it seems?

One Kroger shopper has brought to the attention of about 417,000 viewers on TikTok an advertised offer of 10 ground beef patties totaling 2.2 pounds and $10 per package. However, when she took a closer look, the packaged hamburger patties available below the sign advertising the offer were two patties short, but were still priced at $10.

In her video, TikToker @baychik55 says she doubts the issue would be made right if she were to bring it up to an employee.

When the ‘math ain’t mathing’

“I want you to take a quick look at this and you tell me what you see,” she says in the video. “Homestyle 80% lean ground beef patties, 2.2 pounds, 10 count. $10, correct. Where do you see a 10 count? That is eight patties. Eight. For $10. They say 10 for $10…Are they going to modify the price when you get up to the register? Highly doubt it.”

She added in the caption, “They don’t think we won’t notice?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @baychik55 via comment on the video and TikTok direct message, as well as to Kroger via email regarding the video.

Because the package is clearly labeled as being an eight-count of hamburger patties and a different weight despite being located underneath the sign advertising a 10-count for the same price, it is unclear whether this would fall under false advertising consumer protections. Per these laws, businesses cannot use deceptive descriptions, pricing, measurements or quantities, guarantees or warranties, and comparisons to enhance their sales.

@baychik55 they don't think we won't notice? #ripoff #kroger #frys @Kroger #fypシ゚viral #contentcreator ♬ original sound – Baychik

Some folks who saw @baychik55’s video suggested that it may not be a shady advertising tactic at all, just some unfortunately misplaced product in the cooler.

“They’re in the wrong spot,” one commenter wrote. “Omg call the cops.”

“You DO have to read the package,” another said. “The one she’s showing is NOT the Homestyle 2 pound 10 count. Clearly it’s sold out.”

“It says 1 pound 14 oz on that package so it’s the wrong package,” yet another echoed.

Another option for how this might have occurred came from viewers who had also recently been to their local Kroger and seen the same thing: The sign was advertising an older iteration of the package of hamburger patties that did come in a 10-count for $10, but have since been reduced to an 8-count for the same price.

“I noticed this when I went yesterday,” one commenter wrote. “It used to be 10 patties.”

“Nope that’s the new package with the old sign,” another said.

However, in a comment, the creator clarified that they brought it up to management and that “it was fixed.”

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