DoorDasher calls out customer for ordering twice in one day

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‘This would have definitely fixed my doordash spending habits’: DoorDasher calls out customer for ordering twice in one day

'I would have changed my profile name.'


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Posted on May 2, 2024   Updated on May 2, 2024, 10:25 am CDT

Perennial DoorDash users may’ve found a way to cure their addiction to ordering through the application so much: having the same driver call them out for multiple orders on the same day. That’s what a TikTok user named Katelyn (@kayshaw1012) said happened to her in a viral clip she posted to the popular social media platform.

While some viewers said that they would’ve been mortified by the response, others didn’t seem too perturbed with the prospect of the same delivery driver getting their meals and reaching out to them about it.

“How I get the same door dasher twice in one night,” a text overlay in the TikTok single image post reads, which features an iOS preview notification from the DoorDash driver in question.

“Message from your Dasher I delivered you guys Jacqueline’s earlier!” the Dasher wrote.

Katelyn appeared to be shocked by the situation, adding in the caption for her post, “Bruh… Got caught lackin in big back activities.”

Conversations surrounding the cost-effectiveness of food delivery services like DoorDash have become commonplace, with folks in online forums debating the “decadence” of purchasing goods via these services. In an ATRL forum comment response, one person replied to a comment about the ethics of not tipping drivers, after one delivery person for DoorDash returned to a patron’s home to knock on the door and call them a “loser” for not offering up some type of gratuity.

One poster argued that if people want to save money on gratuities, then they should simply stock up on frozen meals at a grocery store rather than ordering delivery from restaurants. “I find regularly using these kinds of delivery services to be really decadent. Not only are you paying the high price for restaurant food (even if it’s just fast food, it’s still expensive anymore), you’re paying multiple extra fees on top of it. Plus the tip, if you’re not trashy,” they wrote. “I can see doing it every once in a while, but I know of people who do it regularly and it’s like, where do you get the money? And then you find out that they don’t actually have that much and are actually struggling with money… but then keep ordering delivered restaurant food. Like, just stock up on some frozen meals if you’re tired.”

One Redditor also talked about the reliance some people have started having on food delivery services. @AndiAndroid7 uploaded a post to the site’s r/AutisminWomen sub asking: “Does anyone else rely too much on food delivery (UberEats and DoorDash), particularly when they are burned out and/or depressed?”

The Reddit user penned that they are constantly installing and re-installing these applications to control their reliance on them: “Although it seems easy, getting dressed then driving as well as taking part in the interaction to order the food/drink can be exhausting. There are many times where I do not have the energy to prepare food so I often buy pre-made meals, quick snacks, and microwaveable meals. However, there are also times when I am having a depressive period or feeling very burned out that I dread the idea of even leaving my comfort space. Although food delivery services where they leave it at the door are very convenient, it puts a lot of strain on me financially overtime. Does anyone else experience this?”

Food delivery applications, such as DoorDash, are seeing tremendous user growth from year to year.

Although the service experienced a surge in usage in response to COVID-19, there hasn’t been a dip in new users in these services from year to year. DoorDash had 32 million active users in 2022, and in 2023, that number jumped to 37 million. While tons of users complain about the food and delivery surcharges appended to their DoorDashed meals, the application has yet to turn a profit. But with so many people relying on the service, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Still, a number of internet users claim to have given up on the application. One Reddit user stated that the constant “headaches” they experience whenever they place a food order ultimately make the app not worth it.

Viewers of Katelyn’s post said that if they were in her situation, they would be calling it quits on DoorDash for a different reason.

“This would have definitely fixed my doordash spending habits,” one person wrote.

One commenter, who said that they were a DoorDash driver themself, said this isn’t all too uncommon of a practice: “One day I delivered someone’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert lol.”

“Promise you we don’t judge. it’s nice delivering to places you’re familiar with,” another said.

For one user, the prospect of having the same delivery driver was met with enthusiasm: “I get excited getting the same dasher cuz there’s one that sends me memes and he makes my day better.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and Katelyn via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 2, 2024, 12:00 pm CDT