Taco Bell worker gets fired after customer shot out their drive-thru window

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‘Wait You got fired????’: Taco Bell worker gets fired after customer shot out their drive-thru window

'There’s nothing at ANY Taco Bell that’ll require this energy.'


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Posted on May 2, 2024   Updated on May 2, 2024, 12:29 pm CDT

Working in the service industry, you’ll always run the risk of dealing with aggravated customers, but commenters were stunned to hear that one Taco Bell worker got fired after a customer shot out their drive-thru window.

In a 30-second clip posted by TikToker Jaden (@jadenmfnbby), the worker can be heard identifying a “Blue Ford” (though only a white car can be seen through the window) while the customer shouts something unintelligible. As the worker tells their colleague to step away from the window, gunshots can be heard, with the employee saying, “She just shot our window out.”

Accompanying the clip was an on-screen caption reading, “long story short, I got fired,” and viewers were shocked. “Wait, you got fired??” one asked. “Ok, but did they go after her for shooting?” another said. “There’s nothing at ANY Taco Bell that’ll require this energy,” a third added.

In a seven-minute storytime video, Jaden said that, technically, she got fired two weeks after the shooting. She then told the full story of the altercation, saying that she was “tipsy” on shift while the customer, she alleges, was drunk. Jaden said the customer initially got angry when she said the screen was unable to take orders. This reportedly escalated to a back-and-forth argument, with the customer refusing to leave and trying to goad Jaden into coming outside. However, Jaden said things took a turn when she threw her drink at the customer after they made a personal comment. “It barely hit her. It hit her car, but it barely hit her,” she added.

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Jaden’s account suggests this is what caused the situation to spiral out of control. “While I’m walking away, all I hear is boom, boom, boom, at the back door,” she said. Then, per Jaden’s video, the customer sprayed what appeared to be mace. Naturally, Jaden said this led to her calling the police and filing a report. However, she also said Taco Bell conducted an internal investigation of its own.

“They basically called me on the phone,” she said. “They was like, ‘We re-watched the video; we completed our investigation. We saw you taunting the customer out the back door. Then you threw a drink on her, and that caused the window to be broke.’ I told them I wasn’t taunting her; I was telling her to move, and we were having a verbal altercation, and then I threw the drink. But as they say, ‘The customer is always right.'”

Jaden concluded that while she “understands” what she did was wrong, she has already “taken accountability” and “faced the consequences” of her actions by losing her job.

Her initial video received 372,400 views and 35,000 likes as of publication.

This isn’t the first time a Taco Bell worker has gone viral on TikTok. Most recently, creator Caleb Lennon (@caleb_lennon) recounted how he fell for a delivery order scam where the customer ended up getting two orders for the price of one. “So basically, Jerry came and picked up his own food, that way when the DoorDasher brought it he would get it twice. If only we had realized this before making the food the second time,” he said.

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*First Published: May 2, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT