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‘The disrespect is the way the stuff set in that cart’: Viewers defend Instacart customer who ordered cases of water

‘I thought this was the reason for Instacart?’


Melody Heald


An Instacart shopper vented her frustrations over her customer ordering cases of water—they live in an apartment.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Gigi (@nomadmehappy). In the 30-second clip, she unveiled the cart full of items stacked to the brim. “When I thought an Instacart order couldn’t get more disrespectful, someone takes the cake by ordering four cases of water,” the content creator said.

Two of the cases were located at the bottom of the cart while the other two were stacked at the top. Along with the water, the customer ordered two half gallons of milk, baby food Gigi had to “curate,” and coffee creamers. To add insult to injury, the customer lived in an apartment complex, presumably making carrying it to the customer more difficult.

“Yeah, the disrespect is real. It’s real,” she concluded the video.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gigi via Instacart direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video garnered over 33,000 views within a day, where Instacart shoppers revealed why they do this.

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“I am [disabled] and it’s hard for me to be in store very long I usually do online order for pickup. and Instacart for something I forgot,” one viewer shared.

“I do that because I am old and can’t carry the heavy things. I tip well,” a second wrote.

“Im pregnant and if i needed cases of water someone would have to lift them for me,” a third commented.

In addition, some criticized the content creator for complaining.

“oh no you have to do what you signed up for,” one user remarked.

“drop the order if it’s too much work for you,” a second suggested.

“No matter where they live. It’s your job!” a third criticized.

However, others defended Gigi.

“I am personal shopper so I feel this. there should be a limit on what they can order. they get carried away,” one person said.

“I’m a personal shopper too and believe me I know how you feel! They do the same thing in my store! People would not be doing this if they had to shop,” a second agreed.

“I hate when this happens to my wife there is really a such thing as Instacart disrespect,” a third stated.

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