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‘Don’t do this’: Worker shares customer ‘icks’ she developed while working at In-N-Out Burger

'Girl, we got seven cars, and you're gonna tell me no salt, light spread, add extra pickle?'


Phil West


Posted on May 23, 2023

A former In-N-Out Burger worker has a whole list of items that annoyed her about her fast food chain’s customers in the three years she worked there—and now she’s finally sharing them with the world.

Colorado-based creator Camila Elias (@cams_333) let TikTok viewers know what really grinds her gears, getting more than 517,000 views in five days for her litany of complaints about In-N-Out customers.

“I’ve been waiting three years to make this video! I’m never working in the fast food industry again,” she declares to open the video. “So now that I’m not, I can speak my mind.”

@cams_333 Some of MY personal customer icks! 😩 dont do this you guys 👎🏼 #fastfood #icks #customerservice ♬ original sound – Camila Elias

She starts with customers who call burgers “sandwiches,” noting, “We don’t have sandwiches here. I know what you mean. But a sandwich is a sandwich and a burger is a burger.”

Then Elias registered a common complaint among fast-food drive-thru workers: Customers who take too long ordering. “Girl, we got seven cars, and you’re gonna tell me no salt, light spread, add extra pickle, light toast on the bun? Double wrapped? Oh dude, wasting our time for real.”

She then moved on to burgers cut in half—a request that can be made, most commonly made for kids, but one that In-N-Out workers apparently don’t appreciate. “As the worker, it’s so annoying to do. So annoying to wrap both halves of your little tiny cheeseburger plain.”

Elias then moves into a history lesson. “It’s been open since 1948. Never in the years of its existence has there been onion rings, has there been bacon, has there been chicken, has there been monster fries,” she says. “We don’t have it. We don’t got it, sweetheart.”

Then, she shares her gripes with menu combo numbers. With a #2 being a cheeseburger and a #3 being a hamburger, she points out there’s no need to request “a #3 with cheese,” as a #2 order will convey that to the workers.

She also covers cup carriers. Her advice is to let the worker know when you’re at the drive-thru mic rather than realizing you need one at the window.

She let people know that they could request a second video if they needed more pointers. Someone took the bait, leading her to record another TikTok in which she railed against customers “asking for a million things” at the window rather than the drive-thru speaker, people who don’t return greetings, and people who take advantage of a policy in which In-N-Out will give a customer a free burger if the workers “make it wrong.”

@cams_333 Replying to @Elizabeth Bernal here is part two! I have some more videos coming soon 😊 #fastfood #customericks #parttwo ♬ original sound – Camila Elias

The comments section of that first TikTok video brought forth some additional thoughts on the matter.

One commenter remarked, “Was a former in-n-out employee and even tho we only have 3 type of burgers, customers make it so much more complicated smh.”

Another groused, regarding unprepared customers, “Understand the assignment, people. Be prepared or step aside. Simple.”

Some customers aspire to be good customers, though. One shared, “I practice my customized order the entire time I’m in line,” which led Elias to respond, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

While plenty of commenters sided with the creator, one carped, “First of all if you didn’t like your job why did you work for 3 years. I totally understand your frustration. But you should have gotten out.”

That led to Elias creating a whole other video about needing money to live—the reason people typically have jobs. She started that one by reading the comment, waiting a few seconds, and then declaring, “Crickets, bitch. The rent was due.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Elias via TikTok comment and In-N-Out via website form.

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*First Published: May 23, 2023, 11:29 am CDT