Traveler says Goyard roller luggage was the ‘dumbest purchase’ ever made after what happened to it in airport

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‘$11K down the drain’: Traveler says Goyard roller luggage was the ‘dumbest purchase’ ever made after what happened to it in airport

I’ve never seen this happen.’


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A traveler posted a TikTok saying she regrets purchasing Goyard roller luggage after what happened to it in the airport. Zee Dee (@goldieelocc) has gained over 365,000 views on her viral video in the process.

In the short 9-second clip Zee Dee posted, she films what appears to be the Satolas GM Rolling Suitcase in Black. She added an on-screen caption to her video that says, “The DUMBEST purchase I’ve ever made, smh, 11k down the drain.”

Zee Dee began to record showing the bottom of her Goyard suitcase, making it visibly clear that one of the wheels had fallen off. 

“I’ve never even seen this happen to the cheapest of luggages,” she wrote in the caption of her video, “P.S. the flight was only 2 hours.” 

“One thing I learned, any suitcase I buy I’m saving the receipt because these airlines will throw your suitcase around,” a viewer told Zee Dee in the comment section of her video. 

Another said, “Girl the airline pays up to 3500 and Goyard will fix it for free as well. They’re my favorites!!!”

Does Goyard fix bags?

Yes, but it can apparently take 3 months-plus. As one redditor noted: “I have. It did take a bit but was around 6weeks but my repair was really minor. The issue is they have to send it in centrally for certain things but I think they tend to estimate on the longer end. Usually it’s a bit faster but I know holiday seasons also slow it down”

It’s unclear if repairs are free, however, and a post from 2009 shows that at one point repairs were free for a limited time after purchase.

As stated by Goyard, to get in contact with a representative if you have a problem with your luggage, “Kindly get in touch with our after-sales service department via this online form. Our  team will be happy to help.”

According to People Clerk, airlines are responsible for either “repairing or reimbursing a passenger for damaged baggage and/or its contents.” They add that airlines are not responsible for “any pre-existing damage to packed items if you improperly packed them. “

A viewer asked Zee Dee, “They won’t fix it for you?” She responded, “I gotta call tomorrow. I know the airline wasn’t gonna do [expletive] for me though.” 

“Baby these are meant to be pulled out the trunk and straight into the PJ,” another viewer joked.

It’s unclear if the luggage was faulty or if it was damaged at the airport.

@goldieelocc Ive never even seen this happen to the cheapest of luggages 😨😨😨 #goyardluggage #TSA #luggagemalfunction #fypシ #foryou ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Visit the Goyard website to learn more on how to properly care for your luggage.

The Daily Dot reached out to Zee Dee via TikTok direct message and Goyard via press contact form. 

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