Goodwill customer finds used items for sale in-store.


‘One man’s mildew can now be your mildew’: Goodwill customer finds used Tom’s toothpaste for sale in-store. It gets worse

'The threshold for what they will accept there is WILD.'


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Mar 22, 2024   Updated on Mar 22, 2024, 8:41 am CDT

In a viral TikTok, a Goodwill customer points out less-than-desirable items found at his local store. One is a used Tom’s toothpaste—and it only gets worse.

TikTok user Brian Richard Smith (@brianrichardsmith) is a Pennsylvania-based influencer who typically posts thrift store content. In this video, which has amassed more than 47,000 views in just one day, Smith shows off a series of Goodwill finds he isn’t enthusiastic about. The video is the latest in a series of satirical videos calling out what Smith views as high prices on low-quality goods at the nonprofit thrift store chain.

“We’ve all had daydreams about getting rich and filling up a cart with treasures from Goodwill,” Smith says. “And I may never have that kind of money, but I still go there to be inspired and to keep those dreams alive. Check out some of the awesome crap I saw this time.”

First up is a used bag of shower curtain rings for $1.99. “One man’s mildew can be your mildew,” Smith says.

Next up is what appears to be an open tube of Tom’s toothpaste for $3.99. “It’s got some interesting gunk on it,” Smith says. “You won’t find interesting gunk on the toothpaste at poor people stores like CVS.”

He then points out an empty jar of Del Monte red grapefruit for $1.99, which “would look great above the fireplace at your summer cottage,” he says. That’s the same price as a can of Goofy String, which “might still have some of the product inside,” Smith says. “Even if it doesn’t, it’s still a pretty cool piece.”

He also finds a couple’s personalized anniversary T-shirt ($5.99), an empty box of soap ($4.99), and an unsealed container of makeup-removal cream ($3.99). Smith then points out an unlabeled DVD with an indecipherable label for $2.99 and a chip clip from a veterinary hospital for $2.99. “It was probably a complimentary item originally, but now it’s a collectors’ item at a fancy boutique,” he says.

The shopping spree continues with Smith pointing out a rusty can opener ($1.99) and a couple of old-looking canned food items for $1.99 apiece. 

“And after dinner, make sure you clean yourself up with this open box of Dial soap. Classic,” he says.

“You’re probably wondering if I bought anything, and the answer is, of course not,” he says. “Who do you think I am? Bent Jensen, the eighth richest person in Denmark? Get real. Would you have bought any of this stuff? Let me know in the comments.”

In the caption, Smith writes, “​​I did some more shopping at Goodwill last week, even though I still can’t afford to buy anything.”

@brianrichardsmith I did some more shopping at Goodwill last week, even though I still can’t afford to buy anything. #goodwill #thrift #funny #influencer #goodwillfinds #fyp #comedy #viral #trending #shopping #fun #silly ♬ Jazz bar atmosphere, classical jazz(1162356) – 2strings

In the comments section, viewers expressed confusion at the inventory of Smith’s local Goodwill.

“Okay, they took it too far with the toothpaste. Someone donated half-used toothpaste??” one viewer wrote.

“Has goodwill forgotten what a trash can is? some things are just trash,” a second said.

Another viewer wrote, “idk where you are but the threshold for what they will accept there is WILD.” Smith responded, “I’ve been able to find awesome stuff at Goodwill in several different States.”

Some viewers are clearly in it strictly for the laughs. “These vids have me crying bro,” one wrote.

One viewer noted the final item in the video, a Christmas album by former singer William Hung, who was launched into the spotlight after a failed 2003 American Idol audition. “Definitely gonna be looking up William Hung’s rendition of Silent Night now! Had no idea he released any CDs,” they wrote. Smith replied, “His first album is by far his most inspirational one. It’s called ‘Inspiration’.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Smith via Instagram direct message and Goodwill International via press email for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 22, 2024, 1:00 pm CDT