Frontier Airlines passenger speaking with boarding pass with caption 'if you have a choice between walking somewhere or flying frontier, walk.' (l) Frontier plane in runway (c) Frontier Airlines passenger speaking with boarding pass with caption 'if you have a choice between walking somewhere or flying frontier, walk.' (r)

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‘I guess we just don’t have room for you’: Traveler gets bumped off Frontier flight. They rebook her flight for 2 days later

‘If you have a choice between walking somewhere and flying Frontier. Walk.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a 20-year-old TikToker shares her travel horror story after booking a flight with Frontier and getting bumped off.

In the clip, Marley Stevens (@m.stevens03) airs out her frustrations with Frontier Airlines from inside the Atlanta airport.

Stevens explains that she was supposed to get on a nonstop flight to San Francisco that day at 8:15 (it is unclear whether its in the morning or at night). She got an email that same day about the flight being very full and asking if those with flexible travel would be willing to move to a different travel time or day.

Not wanting to do that, Stevens arrives at her gate an hour and a half early because she’s “paranoid” about the flight’s capacity.

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When they finally call her group to board the plane, she’s told she isn’t on that flight.

“I most definitely am, look at my boarding pass,” Stevens says of the ticket she bought months in advance.

“I guess we just don’t have room for you,” she recalls the attendant telling her.

The flight attendant let Stevens know she could get her on the next flight to San Francisco, but the next flight wasn’t for another two days, with a 12-hour layover in Denver. She also pointed out that her baggage was already on its way to California.

Stevens ended up purchasing a new ticket with a different airline.

“But Frontier, let me just tell ya buddy, lemme tell ya, this is not gonna go well for you. I am not going down easy and I will get my money back because this is not OK,” Stevens says in the clip.

The TikTok has more than 750,000 views and over 3,600 comments as of Tuesday afternoon.

“If you have a choice between walking somewhere or flying frontier. walk,” the text overlay on the video reads.

Several commenters urged Stevens to reach out to Frontier for compensation and claimed that she was owed three times her ticket price.

Business Insider confirmed that airlines do have to compensate passengers who are involuntarily bumped from their flight, but the compensation depends on the delay time and if they’re flying domestically or internationally.

Passengers delayed one to two hours for domestic flights get 200% of their one-way fare, though some airlines cap the amount at $775. Domestic delays of two hours or more are compensated at 400% of the one-way fare with a $1,550 cap.

Those delayed by one to four hours for an international flight get 200% of their one-way fare, with the same $775 cap. Similarly, international delays over four hours receive 400% of the one-way fare or the $1,550 cap.

Stevens replied that she’d tried to get in contact with the airline but had been unsuccessful.

“The attendants told me to call customer service, but frontier no longer has a number you can call,” she wrote in a comment.

The Daily Dot reached out to Stevens via TikTok comment and to Frontier via email.

Update 10:35am CT July 27: In an email to the Daily Dot, Frontier’s corporate communications manager Michael Konopasek, claimed that Stevens did not arrive for boarding at the correct time. Though Konopasek said they’ve since initiated a refund.

“Our records indicate the customer failed to appear for boarding within the required timeframe. The customer was provided options to rebook on the next available Frontier flight,” Konopasek wrote. “As a customer service gesture, we have initiated a refund to the card used at the time of purchase. The customer should see the refund reflected within three to five business days.”

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