Five Guys customers get bullied into sharing regular fries by worker, Five Guys Restaurant front

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‘The cashier says it feeds 4-6 people’: Viewers defend couple after Five Guys cashier talked them out of ordering large fries

'I was too embarrassed to say anything.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 10, 2023

Five Guys is primarily known for two things: costing a pretty penny and for being extremely generous with its fries. Giant paper bags sopped with grease filled with hot, salted, crispy cuts of potato is the trademark of the Five Guys french fries experience.

In fact, the chain gives folks so many fries, that if one purchases a large, they can reportedly share that amount with three to five other people on average.

However, a TikToker named Sammi (@ssssssammi) says that she and her husband easily crush a large fry between the two of them. When she tried to order a large while buying some Five Guys with her significant other, she says an employee allegedly talked them into getting a regular instead.

@ssssssammi She was being genuinely nice and I was too embarrassed to say anything #fastfood ♬ original sound – floptok

Sammi records her TikTok from inside a Five Guys restaurant. She writes in a text overlay of the video, “When you and your husband order a large fry and the cashier says it feeds 4-6 people and it’s too much for two people and suggests a regular so you just go with it even though you can 100% finish a large fry together.”

According to Fast Food Nutrition, there are 1,474 calories in an order of large fries from Five Guys, with the lion’s share of those calories coming from fat and carbohydrates. The online resource says that one would have to run 129 minutes or walk for 211 minutes in order to burn an entire order of large fries off.

One employee for the burger chain told Business Insider that they always give an extra scoop of fries no matter which size the person is ordering, so if they see two people coming in to grab a burger and some fries, they’ll recommend to them that they share a “little fry” as they’ll more than likely have enough fried taters to go around.

Five Guys is known for inundating its customers who order fries with more than they know what to do with. This is something that another former worker for the franchise says is just pure economics, and marketing, in action.

TikToker @jordantheestallion says that he was told by his boss the reason why the tiny fry containers are tossed into the bag, which is overflowing with fries, is to give the illusion that folks are getting more than what they paid for. This is a perception Five Guys could benefit from, what with all the social media posts calling out the chain for its high prices.

Viewers seemed to have varying opinions and experiences when it came to ordering fries. One user said that when they visited a Five Guys location for the first time, they were underwhelmed with the amount of french fries they were given.

“Everyone always talks about many fries you get. I got 5 Guys for the first time and it was just a standard size cup of fries,” they said. “No bigger than McDs.”

However, this TikTok user says she had the opposite experience, sharing, “Been to 5 Guys once, the lady tossed a fry cup in a bag and just shoveled the fries into to bag to the top.”

Another viewer said sometimes she and her husband will order large fries for themselves so that they could each have their own sack of deep-fried potato slices.

“Sometimes me and my husband will get large fries each,” she wrote.

However, some customers said that they have difficulty tag-teaming the chain’s regular-sized offering, with a user commenting, “My dad and I share a regular and never finish it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Five Guys via email Sammi via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 10, 2023, 9:47 am CDT