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‘They charging $3 for cheese too’: Customer calls out ‘burger industry’ after she paid $13 for a burger with no fries

'No literally then the fries be $6.'


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Posted on Mar 25, 2023

A diner who has had enough of what they call exorbitant burger prices has called out ‘Big Burger’ in a viral TikTok.

Chelsea (@chelseabychance) uploaded a viral clip that sparked a larger conversation on the diminishing value diners are experiencing when going out to eat, specifically when it comes to burgers.

@chelseabychance Stop big burger #tippingculture #foodtiktok ♬ original sound – Chelsea

“People are saying that the tipping industry is getting out of control but we really need to be talking about the burger industry,” she begins. “Because how are you gonna charge me $13 for a burger and not give me fries? Who has ever just been like, ‘you know I’m really craving for? a burger without the fries. A burger with no chips.’ Make it included. You know how cheap potatoes are? I know it’s not running you that much money.”

Her accusations about the price tomfoolery occurring in the burger industry have seemingly been confirmed by anecdotal reports from fellow TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8. Jordan claims that when he worked at Five Guys, his manager told him that fries were tossed into a large bag with a small cup in order to give the customer the illusion of getting more than what they’re paying for.

One TikTok user specifically called out Five Guys in the comments section as being “so expensive,” however, Chelsea commended the popular franchise for at least giving its customers a heaping portion of french fries.

“I will say at least five guys isn’t stingy with they fries. A small will be half a bag but they need to cut back on prices,” she wrote.

As of 2023, the reported cost of potatoes ranges anywhere from .48 cents to .49 cents per pound. Fast Food Menu Prices says that Five Guys charges $5.79 for an order of large fries — which weighs approximately 20.17 ounces according to Fat Secret, or 1.26 pounds. This means that Five Guys is earning a $5.10 markup on 60 cents worth of potatoes if they’re purchasing the vegetable at current market rates. Of course, labor and other costs must be factored in as well, such as the cost of employee labor, fry baskets and equipment to prepare the food, and maintenance of said kitchen equipment as well.

The Daily Dot reached out to Chelsea via email for further comment.

Judging from the comments left on Chelsea’s video, a lot of other customers were also sick and tired of the rising cost of burgers that don’t come with accouterments.

“Like suddenly nothing is a combo meal,” one commenter wrote.

Another mentioned that they, too, were fed up with being nickel-and-dimed for add-ons and that restaurants were tacking on fancy descriptors in order to justify the upcharges on french fries. “Every topping is $1.89 and they selling point for fries be they’re ‘hand chopped’ please…kick rocks,” they shared.

Others seemed to be upset over the fact that they’re being charged extra for add-ons that they believed should come standard with their burger, with one user writing, “Burger with no toppings that you have to pay for.”

Chelsea’s tirade against costly burgers seems to be in line with a lot of others’ gripes about the rising cost of food prices in the United States. The USDA stated that between February 2022 and February 2023, the cost of restaurant food increased by a staggering 8.4 percent. In the summer of 2022, the United States experienced its worst inflation in 40 years, dwarfing overall wage and salary increases nationwide.

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*First Published: Mar 25, 2023, 12:21 pm CDT