former Five Guys employee speaking with caption 'my boss says we want to give the illusion' (l) Five Guys fries on paper spilling from cup on table with Five Guys logo (c) former Five Guys employee speaking with caption 'that they're getting more than what they paid for' (r)

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‘They’re still paying way too much for food’: Former Five Guys worker reveals the truth about the fries

'We want to give them the illusion they are getting more than what they're paying for.'


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Posted on Feb 16, 2023   Updated on Feb 16, 2023, 5:26 pm CST

TikTok user Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) has become a well-known influencer on the platform thanks to his trademark recording style of zooming in on his face and urging viewers to come closer while telling stories in his bathroom mirror.

Many of the stories Jordan tells are rooted in his life experiences. In a recently viral clip, Jordan stitched another TikToker’s video about how many fries come in a small serving at Five Guys with a story of his time working for the burger chain.

“I used to work at Five Guys, and when I was working there, my boss would always say, ‘hey, don’t be stingy with the fries. Always make sure the bag is full and greasy,’” Jordan said.

At the time, Jordan was confused by his boss’s instructions.

“I was like, why are we putting so many fries just in the bag and not just giving them a bigger container, right? ’Cause we give them such small containers,” he said.

The TikToker said that his boss told him it was because putting more fries in the bag would give customers “the illusion that they’re getting more than what they’re paying for.”

Once again, Jordan was confused. He questioned how customers receiving more fries than they ordered was an “illusion.” His boss responded, “a burger, fries, and drink here at Five Guys is about $26. … Do you know how much more food you can get anywhere else with $26?”

Jordan continued to say that his boss told him, “we can give them two full bags of fries; they’re still paying way too much for food,” which Jordan conceded was true. The TikToker concluded by saying that he stopped eating Five Guys because he no longer got free food after he stopped working there.

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In the comments section, many of Jordan’s followers expressed shock at how many different fast food restaurants the TikToker claimed to have worked at. Other viewers who said they also worked at Five Guys confirmed Jordan’s claim about the fries.

“Can confirm, I worked at a five guys and that’s exactly what I was told too. We always added an extra scoop on top of the fry cup per policy,” one TikToker shared.

“I’ve gotten 5 guys once in the past 5.5 years since I stopped working there for this reason lol,” another remarked.

This isn’t the first time Five Guys has been called out for its high prices. One TikToker previously stated they spent over $70 at the burger chain for 2 meals.

However, other folks in the comments section stated that their orders at the restaurant cost significantly less than Jordan and other TikTokers reported.

“$26? Where I’m at it’s like $12,” one viewer wrote.

“No joke. [where] I’m at a cheeseburger, regular fries, a drink comes out to be about 15 dollars,” another remarked.

Some former workers said the cost of the food isn’t what deterred them from eating at Five Guys—it’s the amount of grease.

“I stopped eating at 5 Guys after working there too 2in layer of grease on the walls EVERY night behind the fryer, couldn’t stomach it ever again,” one user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jordan and Five Guys Jordan via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2023, 5:24 pm CST