Firehouse Subs worker says she argues with co-worker like siblings

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‘Real’: Firehouse Subs worker says she argues with co-worker ‘like siblings.’ Viewers can relate

'Me and my siblings work together this exactly what happens.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 1, 2023

You know you’re getting comfortable around your co-workers when you’ve gotten to the point where the two of you can bicker with one another like you would with your own sibling—and the Firehouse Subs, Bowmanville (@fhsbowmanville) account covers this exact workplace phenomenon in one of its recent TikTok videos.

@fhsbowmanville Always the best shifts tho #firehousesubsbowmanville #firehousesubs #bowmanville #manger #fhsbowmanville ♬ original sound – Firehouse Subs Bowmanville

The video shows two of the chain’s employees lip-synching to audio that has them bickering with one another as they stand at the counter. A text overlay on the short clip reads: “When you work together so much you start to argue like siblings.”

The Daily Dot has covered the camaraderie of Firehouse Subs workers in the past, as documented by the Firehouse Subs, Bowmanville account. In one video, the account makes fun of workers who come in to work on their off days just to socialize. The account also makes fun of management, satirizing the practice of giving employees minor tasks to keep them constantly busy.

The caption on this most recent video confirms the joking nature of the post, claiming that despite the so-called fighting, these are “Always the best shifts tho.”

The video received 1.2 million views, and a number of commenters related to the experience of the Firehouse Subs workers.

One person simply wrote, “Real,” while a second confirmed the dynamic, saying, “Me and my fav coworkers.”

Another worker commented that the relationships they cultivated at their food service industry job made them feel like they were part of a large, argumentative family.

“I miss everyone i worked with when i was a chef literally was like a big family we were always like this,” they said.

One person lamented that they no longer had such a close relationship with their coworkers, writing, “I missed having these type of relationships at my new job.”

There were also a number of commenters who said they didn’t work with people who were “like family” because they worked with actual family members, and that the dynamic was pretty much the same.

“Me and my siblings work together this exactly what happens,” one wrote, while another said, “I work wity m’y (sic) whole family. my parents, my sister, my brother…”

“I work with 2 of my cousins on the same shift,” a third shared, before adding that they get into arguments, “Almost all the time.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Firehouse Subs via email and the Firehouse Subs, Bowmanville TikTok account via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 1, 2023, 12:39 am CDT