Firehouse Subs employee with caption 'When someone who's not on the schedule shows up to say hi' (l) Firehouse Subs building with sign (c) Firehouse Subs employee with caption 'When someone who's not on the schedule shows up to say hi' (r)

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‘It’s always the ones you don’t want showing up’: Firehouse Subs cashier calls out co-workers who show up on their day off

'I will never get people who visit work on their day off like go home.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Jul 21, 2023

A Firehouse Subs location in Canada is generating laughs online for its pointed joke about employees who show up to work on their days off to socialize with co-workers.

In a recent video from the TikTok account Firehouse Subs Bowmanville (@fhsbowmanville), two workers act out a scenario where one walks into the sandwich shop stopping by to say hello to their co-worker on their day off. 

“When someone who’s not on the schedule shows up to say hi,” the text overlay on the video reads. 

The audio that accompanies the video, says “…you’re not in this episode,” to help elevate the joke. 

@fhsbowmanville Whatcha doing here? #firehousesubsbowmanville #firehousesubs #workplace #bowmanville #fhsbowmanville #manger ♬ You arent in this episode – Hunter Jenkins

The Daily Dot has reached out to Firehouse Subs Bowmanville via TikTok comment. 

The Bowmanville TikTok account is no stranger to entertaining viewers about the ins and outs of employees’ work life. In another TikTok video, a worker nods to some of the crazy tasks he’s assigned when there’s not a lot going on at work. In the video, the worker is dusting various places throughout the restaurant. 

Commenters on the earlier mentioned video mentioned how much they can relate to the Tiktok. 

“I’m there almost every day [just cause] I don’t have much else to do lol,” one person commented.

For some, however, surprising co-workers does not always guarantee a warm welcome.

“It’s always the ones you don’t want showing up,” a user wrote.

“I either (jokingly) asked if they were covering my shift, or jokingly told them to go home we were closed,” said one person who’s been on the receiving end. 

“Am I the only one that likes when coworkers pop by I mean maybe I just love everyone I work with so it’s always nice to see them and say hi,” one person asked.

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*First Published: Jul 21, 2023, 3:45 pm CDT