worker speaking with caption 'I've had like 4 or 5 meetings cause people are like wait hoe do I do this' (l) worker speaking at desk with caption 'I'm getting fired so come with me to my last day of work' (c) worker speaking with caption 'to go over my separation agreement and find out when I lose my health insurance' (r)

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‘It unfortunately came down to them just not liking me’: Worker who’s getting fired shows what happens on her last day

‘They logged me out.’


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Saying goodbye to a job, either voluntarily or otherwise, is never easy. One may be tasked with off-boarding themselves, training other employees to do their job, or finishing up projects to which they had previously been assigned—all while bidding farewell to the work friends they’ve made during their time at the job.

Given how common it is to leave work—especially at a time when areas like tech are seeing major layoffs—it’s no surprise that some users have taken to TikTok to document their experiences departing from their workplace for good. 

One former employee vlogged her last day at Microsoft before quitting. Another showed the reality of providing a two-week notice to viral success.

Now, another TikTok user has hopped on this trend.

In a video with over 21,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Sara (@sara..kahn) documents her last day working from home.


Also from my drafts documenting the wildest month of my life. Enjoy the chaos 😘

♬ original sound – Sara Kahn

In the video, Sara says her day was filled with meetings explaining how to perform her role to other employees. She then had a meeting to “go over [her] separation agreement” and find out when she loses her health insurance.

Surprisingly, Sara’s final day was cut off early, she says. Despite allegedly being told that she would be able to access her account for another week, she found herself locked out midday before she was able to send her offboarding paper.

“I’m out. I’m done,” she concludes. “Good luck!”

In the comments, Sara explains that she was fired because she simply wasn’t the right fit for the company.

“It unfortunately came down to them ‘just not liking me,’” she noted. “I was a lot younger and all.”

Still, Sara is keeping a positive attitude.

“It is what it is – been so great to start fresh tbh,” she detailed in a comment. She shared in later comments that she liked her boss and was able to get severance.

Commenters supported Sara in her ongoing journey.

“Yea I wouldn’t have done half the stuff you did,” a user wrote. “Any company is lucky to have you.”

“Can’t believe they logged you out! I just saw your second last day a couple minutes ago and you did more than most would have,” echoed a second.

“Any company is lucky to have you,” a third user added. “You’re such a pleasure to work with!”

We’ve reached out to Sara via email.

Update 10:44am CT, May 29, 2023: In an email to the Daily Dot, Sara offered some thoughts about the situation and why she documented the experience of leaving her job.

“I decided to film my last days on the job for a couple of reasons,” she explained. “Firstly, working remotely can be a bit isolating, so this felt like a way to share the news, when I was ready, with those I care about. I also think it was a means to let me process what was going on. Getting fired is never easy, so this felt like a healthy outlet for me to document what was going on and to put in my drafts. I didn’t want to share this right away or make any statements I’d regret before giving myself time to process. So these videos were posted a few weeks after all this chaos. I’d like to emphasize that these videos are truly meant to reflect on my experience and feelings, and not to comment on my previous employer.”

She also elaborated on what she learned from the experience.

“Some takeaways I’ve had are that it’s important to work where you’re valued,” she stated. “While these are difficult times economically for a young person such as myself, there’s a lot of value in prioritizing mental and emotional well-being in your professional pursuits, even if it’s not as lucrative. I take the constructive criticism I received with me, brush off the negativity, and try to move forward and show other employers/clients that I’m a great candidate!”

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